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event Goblin tag is back!
Posted on 04-19-21, 04:43 pm by Patoots

"The World is big and goblins are small but there is one gob who rules them all! He may be only three feet tall, but he's sure that he will beat you all! Our bold king of golden pacing is eager to see who he will be racing! Do you have what it takes to give him the brakes?"
-The Goblin Squad"

Goblin Tag has Returned to The World, and in no small part thanks to the feisty king of swift and furious tag himself!

-To face him you must find a Goblin Tag Pass from any monster drops. Bosses have a much higher drop rate!
- It can be brought to any standard dungeon in Uladh.
- Upon dropping in a party of up to 8, you will be swept away to a special field via goblin magic!
- Players will receive a star for every Racing Goblin they can chase down and defeat.
- After 10 minutes, the game is over and chests will appear in the center to be opened with your Stars!
- The more players present, the more chests appear!

We eagerly await for you to participate, so give it a whirl and give it your best shot!
Players of all levels may participate, though at lower levels it is suggested to bring friends.
Please be sure to report any bugs you find that might have crept into the event since its first run!

See you in the tag fields, Milletians!

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 4/8
Posted on 04-08-21, 04:19 am by Flipend0

Update: The maintenance has been completed at 02:21AM 04/08/21 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
12:30AM 04/08/21 to 01:30AM 04/08/21 (EST)
  • Server Component Install
  • Updated Translation Files

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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event Dragon Boat Racing Event 3/20 ~ 4/1
Posted on 03-20-21, 05:37 am by Flipend0

Hello Milletians!

From 3/20 Until 4/1 the Dragon Boat Racing Event will be taking place.

Head on over to La Terra Highlands, grab an oar, and race against the clock to earn fabulous prizes!

Don't forget, hobgoblins will attack you from all angles and try to hop on your boat to spoil your fun. Take them out quickly!

Event Information:
- Event starts at La Terra Highlands Rafting Dock
- Speak to the NPC to receive a dragon boat.
- Up to 8 players can ride on the boat
- Receive a prize for completing the race in under 8 minutes.

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 3/20
Posted on 03-20-21, 05:31 am by Flipend0

Update: The maintenance has been completed at 02:20AM 03/20/21 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Please update your client.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
01:50AM 03/20/21 to 02:50AM 03/20/21 (EST)
In SP:
Leymore/Cai now start with more crystals to use
Fixed several reward boxes sometimes giving nothing
Using a Crystal of Time no longer always sends you back to Slitherhall/Floor 11
Fixed sky palace summons aggroing each other

In Protect the Beacons SM:
Added Taillteann Horn, obtained during the mission after the 1st beacon is cleared of enemies
Use it to summon an extremely fast Thoroughbred!
Elves can't use ranged skills while riding these horses
Giants can't ride human/elf horses and vice versa
Taillteann Horns cannot be used outside of Protect the Beacon and can be destroyed

In G1:
Removed the Saturday requirement for entering Tir Na Nog through the Black Fomor Pass
Black Fomor Pass' description has been changed to match this

In Bee-Hiving:
Changed royal jelly boss to use water cannon instead of water sprinkle
For fun:
Elves and Humans can now used basic ranged attacks while riding giants!
Mounted giants can use defense and counterattack to protect themselves, but whoever they're carrying is still at risk of injury!
Lifted race restrictions on these items that are essentially fashion :

Fabien greaves
Breast deco armor
Esteban mail for men
Esteban mail for women
Big shoulder armor
Odelia fin armor
Stitch long robe armor
Adora's natural neckline
Butterfly silk wear
Kyra's belt skirt
Sasha robe
Gemma layered robe

Changed combo cards to use the correct Arrow Revolver skill
Rebalanced broken horn hunter armor materials
Fixed Great Turtle Sigil giving the incorrect enchant
Fixed Poison Healer enchant effects not working
Imported live's giant assault slash animation for scythes, which fixes them clipping through the ground
Fixed sandstorm staff missing a royal alchemist pose
You can now dye Gold Pouches and Bags (Content Polls 4)
Fixed Sahuagin Witch missing animations
Fixed Viperfish and Sapphire golem missing AI
The MapleLegends Promotion T-shirt has been changed to a Red T-Shirt with White Heart
Fixed a NPC Portrait Rendering bug when playing on a AMD GPU Card.
Regular metal dye ampoules have been added to Shyla's dye series.
You can now trade dyes from Shyla's Fixed Dye Gachapon.
The Dragon Boat Racing Event will Start.

Drop rates in several locations have been adjusted:
Ciar Adv for 3
Barri Adv
Peaca Int
Hot Air Ballooning

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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mainteance Game Server Maintenance 3/4/2021
Posted on 03-04-21, 04:45 am by Flipend0

Update: The maintenance has been completed at 12:54AM 03/04/21 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
12:15AM 03/04/21 to 01:15AM 03/04/21 (EST)
  • This patch will end the MabiLand Pro Event.
  • Added Oui to Tara's Art Shop
  • Added Melia to Blago Prairie
  • Uncapped Handicraft to Rank 4, books containing quests can be found in Madoc's and Melia's shops
  • Added Japanese Traditional Clothing manuals to Shion's shop
  • Renamed a few Lemon Juice Relevant things to Lemonade to differntiate it from the other Lemon Juice
  • Sealed Geodes and Cracked Geodes have been given proper use and have new descriptions to match
  • Fixed several lines of NPC dialogue (Meriel, Wanst, and Taunes)
  • Taunes' furnaces can be used again
  • Thorns of Oglogoth now properly activates the Trance of Darkness, description has been changed to reflect other changes to it
  • Several crepes and Hot Spring Wear have been translated
  • Moon Pieces now include the name of which housing area they teleport to
  • Several premium items sold in Shyla's shop are now tradeable (Waxen Wings, Trade Unlock Potion, Friend Summon Capsule, Protection/DEF Buff Potion, ALL Age Potions, Extra Inventory Key)
  • Production Failure potions now include the time they are usable for in their names
  • Protection/DEF Buff Potions can now stack up to 20
  • Tower Cylinder install/uninstall time has been buffed
  • -Sky Palace Changes -
  • Shards of Eclipse cannot be used to join players using Stones of Eclipse in Sky Palace
  • All Stones of Eclipse in a party must lead to the same floor to allow entry into Sky Palace
  • New messages will appear to explain these restrictions should they trigger
  • Stone Pillars and Snake Baskets now always drop Gateway Keys when killed on particular floors of Sky Palace, regardless of who killed them
  • Exit doors must be used when completing a floor in Sky Palace
  • Tarlach's bear form no longer causes rewards to be placed into Tarlach's inventory in Sky Palace
  • Tarlach's Druid's Moonstone has been given a new description to explain what this form does and how it works

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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