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We ask you to please abide by following rules and regulations to maintain a healthy forum environment.
The forum moderators have the final say as to any edit, delete, or disciplinary action they must take.
Keep in mind, these rules and regulations can be revised at any time.

By participating on these forums you agree to the following:

- Respect -
* Please treat everyone with respect when responding to posts.
* Racist, derogatory, threatening comments, or direct attacks to another member will not be tolerated.
* Treat our forum moderators with respect. They are here doing a job to keep things clean and safe for you.
* Do not harass any member of the forum or our moderating team.

- Content -
* Please keep forum threads on topic.
* Do not create multiple threads on the same topic.
* Do not put up links that lead to malicious sites, phishing sites, or referral websites.
* Try not to use excessive CAPS LOCK.
* Do not post NSFW content, nudes, or sexual content.
* Do not post any malicious content.
* Do not spam.

- Ban Dodging -
* Ban dodging is prohibited. If you are banned, you are not allowed to create a new account.

- Impersonations/Hacking -
* Do not impersonate another person or illegally gain access to their forum account.

To report any abuse that you may see please contact one of our forum moderators or a community manager.

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