LF Guild / People to play with. (rev. 1 by kyoko51 on 06-20-17, 11:09 am)
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Hello everyone Katsuyo here. As the title states I'm looking for a guild to join as well as hopefully some people to play with. Only thing I'm looking for in the guild is for it to be social/active.
For awhile there I couldn't play since the last update for some reason even with reinstalling it 5 times and deleting a bad file, And today i tried again and it worked So now I can play again thank god since I love this mabi server.
But anyways My char is still pretty noob only total 81 atm (sad i know) but i will be playing almost daily so got plenty of time to improve C:
Just note or mail me ingame, Thanks ~ Katsuyo/ Calamity
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Just to note, sometimes when launching the game it will insist your graphics card or something else is incompatible. This is normally alleviated just by reattempting, or in a worst case scenario you restart. Can't say that's your problem, but may keep in mind that despite mabi pro team's efforts, this is still nexon foundation.
Discord: Tonkatunk#7079
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U can join Introspect if u like, most of us play everyday and talk, run SM, run Dungeons, get skill pages, the normal kind of things. just add me ingame at Roxwell.

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