Mocha Guild Recruitment Thread (rev. 1 by Roseline on 07-12-17, 02:00 pm)
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Welcome to Mocha!
We are currently OPEN to new members.

Guild Master: Roseline
Guild Officers: Lianne

Who We Are

New to MabiPro? (Us too)
Not sure where to go to make friends?
Maybe Mocha is the place for you!

Mocha was formed by a small group of friends originating from NA Mari server.
We decided that we wanted to create a social/casual guild of our own and thus,
here we are! Unlike most other guilds, Mocha is purely a social guild. While we
may run things together on occasion, this group is oriented towards building
friendships and casual conversation/events.
Guild events are far more likely to be along the lines of tea parties and raffles as opposed to scheduled shadow mission/dungeon spam!
(That being said, feel free to ask members to come along with you in either.)

While we hope to grow a small but diverse group, below are some of the interests of
our current members to help you decide if Mocha sounds like it's the guild for you!
- Anime/Manga (Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and more!)
- Video Games (Overwatch, Pokemon, Granblue, and more!)
- Card Games (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vanguard, and more!)
- Music (K-Pop/J-Pop, J-Electronic, and more!)

Discord server available. Guild Website and/or Tumblr possibly TBA.
Participating in the occasional Guild call is NOT mandatory.
You are NOT required to use a mic while in the call.

Criteria For Joining

There aren't many, but we do have some requirements for joining Mocha.

- You must be a respectful player. We take notice to how you present yourself
in Global/All chat, or to us directly, and blacklist people with bad attitudes.
- You must acknowledge and understand that Mocha is a social/casual guild and
will not regularly run dungeons/shadow missions together as a GM/Officer-scheduled event;
while members are free to participate in such activities together, that being spamming/grinding
and so forth, it isn't the mission of the guild.

How To Join

Simply contact Roseline or a Guild Officer (Lianne) in-game via note,
adding or application and tell us a little bit about yourself!

Alternatively, you can also reply to this thread with your character name
clearly defined and correctly spelled and informing us you're interested
in joining Mocha and one of us will contact you instead!

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Good morning!

I'm interested in joining Mocha and have added both of you in game! My character's name is Quinn.

Hope to chat with ya'll soon!
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Drahan GM

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This is a really well laid out thread. Great job!
Probably one of the nicest threads I've seen on the forum so far.

On that note, this forum category is fine to post threads like this.

Have fun!
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@Quinn Hi there! I'll add you in-game in a little bit when I get online. c:

@Drahan Thank you!

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hi Roseline am new also just join yesterday ign Crie gonna apply later btw am est so loking for people close to my time ill be on later at work atm
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Hello there Roseline!
My IGN is Rerisu and I'd love to join up with the crowd at Mocha. I posted you a note a few days earlier and I look forward to hearing back from you!
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Hello there @Roseline !

I would like to speak to you privately on Discord if possible! It's nothing too important, but I would still like to bring something to your attention ! Thank you~~
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On my way
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I'm interested in joining~ My ign is Katxia and I am new to Mabi pro ;w;
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