For those near Level 100
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Drahan GM

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This is an announcement for those near Level 100 or past level 100.

Once you surpass Level 100, your global chat will disappear. This is a bug and is because Global chat is a renamed version of Beginner chat, which was intended to be used only by beginners by Nexon.

On our server, however, we attempted to patch this to make it not disappear; that patch failed and currently the Global chat will disappear after surpassing level 100.

Please be aware that this will be fixed in the future, so do not worry! I just felt the need to let those of you who may be concerned about that know what is happening with that.

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Flipend0 GM

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For now, In case you want to enter back to the Global channel, Simply follow these simple steps.

1. Open Options from your Menu Screen

2. Go to Game -> Chat -> Global and Select "Join Global Channel"

3. Log out and Log back in

and you should be back into the Global Channel again
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Miku GM

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Thanks for the tip, now I won't have to explain it :^)

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