Party Quest Dungeon Update (rev. 1 by courtney on 03-02-17, 12:38 pm)
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Hey Everyone
Game Admin Operator Flipend0 here.

I have added an additional reward which can be randomly obtained in /any/ dungeon chest.
This additional reward is a "Red Envelope".

The 'Red Envelope' may contain party quests purchasable from NPC shops, or some of the quests have been custom made such as clearing Fiodh dungeon or killing 10 Shadow Lancers. There is a possibility that more quest types will be implemented in the future, specifically quests that involve Iria.

In order to open this letter you need to be inside a dungeon, and have at least 2 players in your party.
When you open the letter, you will receive a party quest added to your quest tabs.

In order to use the quest you must equip it from your party GUI.

If you have any suggestions about this. Please let us know here.
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This is just from two dungeon runs. The drop rate is too high.
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They need to be droppable, as it is you can't get rid of them without opening them.
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To be completely honest, unless they have like 30k+ gold reward or something, i fully intend to avoid them. Yeah, not taking up an inv slot may be nice, but i'd much prefer not to have to worry about cluttering up my inventory then quest log, with them as i try to find people willing to either help me clear the quests, or at least stay in party while i do it.

If everyone else enjoys it though, well c'est la vie.
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Gonna have to agree with the above. The quests are far too frequently found and the reward is far too little, especially because they'll be split between a party.
post rev. 1 by lycoris on 03-03-17, 07:08 am
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I think they're a really great idea in a general sense! But yes, they need to be droppable... and the rewards aren't usually worth it. My friend got one earlier that was like "kill 30 bears for 2k."
Maybe have a chance to award red coins or gacha or something and then they'll be exciting. More quest types is a nice idea too, it's a thing that's got a lot of potential.

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