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I'm wondering if you will be taking some staff from the community?
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I wouldn't see any need for it at the moment, especially this early on when it just barely started.
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Flipend0 GM

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Thank you for your interest on this topic. Certainly we do not have any open positions for staffing. However you are more than welcome to show off your skills in either Translation or Coding to be review
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I'm not looking for a staff position, but I translated most of the item descriptions and names on the client side text files, not sure if i should post it here or not, but here's the link to the text files, hopefully it helps.
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Due to recent circumstances, i'd personally like to request a staff member who will physically dedicate their time to investigating player complaints, particularly regarding other players. To be blunt, there's a major hole in your workings, which may blow up in your face later, but if nothing else is a major concern to me in the now.

That's all i have to say on the matter here though. Someone can redirect me if you want a more brusque conversation. Look for @Lazyfae in discord if you want to talk to me in there. I will take it to private though.
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