Game Server Maintenance 3/30/2018 (rev. 2 by Drahan on 03-30-18, 07:50 am)
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Update: The maintenance has been completed at 03:50AM 03/30/18 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Please update your client.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
02:45AM 03/30/18 to 04:45AM 03/30/18 (EST)
  • New Cooking content has arrived.
    • New Recipes have been added.
    • Grocery Store stocks have been expanded.
    • Many existing cooking recipes have been updated.
    • You can catch more fish from the fishing boat.
    • The Emain Macha cooking contest is now functioning.
  • "Blood in the Water" has been slightly rebalanced.
    • Rats were adjusted to be weaker.
    • A small amount of gold was returned to the end reward.
  • New Elite Mission Passes have been added.
    • Blood in the Water
    • Protect the Beacon Mounds
  • New skill uncap books have been added to older dungeon drops.
    • Composing 5->4
    • Musical Knowledge 6->5
  • A new hidden quest has been added to Nele for musicians.
  • Dan 1 Bow Mastery's title has been fixed.
    • If you possessed Dan 1 Bow Mastery before this patch, please send a ticket to become correctly attuned.
    • Characters who newly gain the rank as of this patch will not need anything fixed.
  • Other fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where Spirit Dreamcatchers could be repaired inappropriately.
    • Fixed a bug where Pantay Normal Dungeon's boss room could generate in a broken way.
    • Fixed a bug where Chinese Dragon Boots blacksmith manual wouldn't work at all.
    • Kitty Hats can now be repaired and dyed.
    • Animations have been improved for the Spear of Ice weapon.
    • The Elite Fomors are hard at work on something strange.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff
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Thanks for the hard work as always~
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Yes, thank you!

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