MABIPRO FISHING EVENT REWARD LIST (rev. 43 by Cheerio on 04-10-18, 11:00 am)
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MabiPro's Fishing Event Reward List

Seeking the Cryptid (Hard)
Cleanse the Graveyard (Elite)
Protect the Beacon Mounds (Elite)
Lingering Darkness (Elite)
Fomor Attack (Elite)
Enemy Behind (Elite)
Sulfur Spider (Elite)
Shadow Cast City (Elite)
Offering (Elite)


Sprout Apprentice's Oak Staff
Shadow Hunter Broad Sword
Dragon Blade
Composite Bow
Crossbow (black to red flashy)
Safeguard Cylinder
Elatha Puppet
Ripple Fire Cylinder
Fire Wand
Gargoyle Sword
Elm Tree Gladius
Great Sword
Guardian Bow
Ice Wand
Leather Long Bow 13 durability
Light Bipennis
Lightning Wand
Lorna Puppet
Music Bottle ‘A’
Music Bottle ‘C’

Nao Costume Mask
Red/White Kite Shield
Nathan Snow Robe
Classic Couple Suit (M)
Monkey Mask
Leather Bunny Headband 5
Bald Wig
Cobweb Pouch
Guardian bow
Shadow of Ladeca
Shadow of Eweca
Kitty Headband
Round Pauldron Chainmail
Tree Costume Kit
Music Bottle C
Marksman Leather Helmet
Marksman Leather Boots
Life Drain Crystal
Snow Golem
Marksman Leather armor (f)
Short Sword Uniform (F)
Shadow of Ladeca
Tie-up Long Boots
Wolf Robe
Starry Bunny Headband 5
Garten Glen Checkered Skirt
Padded Armor with Breastplate
Winged Helm
Cheap Leather Pouch
Thin Thread Pouch
Stone Golem Crystal
Daisy Decoration
Mario NY Modern Vintage Ensemble (F)
Wood Rimmed Glasses
Glow-In-The-Dark Muffler Robe (Black/White)
Nao Costume Kit
Cloud Crystal
Barrier Spikes Crystal
Hamlet’s Gloves
Walter Leather Bending Shoes
Royal Knight Armor
Thick Thread Pouch
Common Leather Pouch
Finest Leather Pouch
Fine Leather Pouch
Victorious Lorica Segmenta
Vanalen Ribbon Boots
Laertes’s Costume
Vanalen Flowered Sandals
Wool Collection Pouch
Hamet’s Scarred Wig
Stiff Tail Cap

Fixed Color Dye Amp (Flashy/white pink)
Fixed Color Dye Amp (Flashy Red/Grey)
Chocolate Chip Cookie of Dexterity
Jellybean of Strength
Chiffon Cake of Will
Restored Blue Crystal Orb
Restored White Crystal Orb
Dungeon Wax Wings
Likeability Potion
Protective Philter
Spellbound Solution
Celerity Cordial
Wood Board
Pet Training Kit
Fine Leather
Holy Water of Lymilark

White Horse

Gems - All 5 CM
Star Sapphire

Black Sea Bream
Red Sea Bream
Belvast Eel
Reef Lobster
Belt Fish

Thanks Modern for organizing the list.
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I'll be vying for 20 royal knight armors so I can attempt conceptual avenger.
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I think Royal Knight Armor, Elatha Puppet, Common Leather Pouch also drop.
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Classic Couple Suit (F)
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Teeny Nao
Pan Puppet
Lorna Puppet
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Please add to Items Dragon Sword , Novem Warrior Helmet and Armor
Enchants: Energitc
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someone dropped a Marble light melka chain mail on the fishing boat. cannot confirm directly if its a fished item, but if not i cant imagine another context for why someone would just drop it in a pile of items on the boat. ive also seen enchanted (blue name) wizard outfits under some fishers, which may or may not be raccoon cub/jackel. i can confirm they're fished up since i cant pick them up, but i cant confirm exactly what enchantment they have. it might be eagle for all i know.
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For some reason I can't edit the list anymore. Gives me a white screen error.
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the wizard outfits are enchanted with "Inconvenient" (-100cp for feet only normaly).
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yes to marble melka
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i Caught:

Uncomfortable Wizard Suit -100 CP.
Marble Light Melka -500 CP
Ophelia Outfit
Dexterity Enchant
Blunt Enchant
Ophelia Boots + Wig
Sight Enchant (?) Bought it from player, cant confirm atm if its from fishing

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