I need to know about houses.
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I am sorry for bothering the community with silly questions.
But I would like to know if someone can keep his/her house at the housing channel. xD
it doesn't says many information about it on the wiki, just that you may lose it if you
don't pay the rent and I was pretty sure I had autopay on with enough gold in it.
Do you still lose it regardless?
is there a way to getting it back?

thanks in advance!
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From what I understand, the house is always put up for re-auction again after one month. I'm not entirely sure about that number though and it might be determined by the guild that owns the housing area instead.

I'm guessing you lost your house? You should receive 90% of the gold you bid on it back from Leslie, and all of your items that were in the house can be recovered by speaking to him as well.

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