Dungeon Update (rev. 1 by skairunner on 07-11-18, 12:07 am)
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Dungeons! Aka horse-riding simulators, wherein you have a couple rooms you sweep with windmill then ride horse to the next room, collecting keys as you go, and you need to clear two to five floors of this same monotonous boxy 'content' just to get a chance at the loot you really want at the end. What if dungeons were condensed?

Make each room spawn twice as many waves--a single spawn would become two, double spawns four, and triple spawns six. Then tweak the generation algorithms so each dungeon has half the number of rooms, and reduce floors for each dungeon by 1 while keeping roughly the same number of rooms. Dungeons like Barri Advanced's floors 2-4 and Karu Normal's 2-4 are very sparse but have long pointless hallways that aren't really needed.

This is a relatively conservative change--unlike loot table revamps or dungeon mechanic changes, nothing is new. In effect, dungeons would be run much faster as movement speed is no longer the bottleneck on clearing it, and people wouldn't have to waste time riding horses when they could be murdering things.
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I like the idea, but at the same time I feel like it just makes the content seem even more bland. Like SM 2.0..but worse due to lack of end exp. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but I find dungeons boring as is, so condensing them isn't going to change my view point on that.

That said, they won't touch old content (bleh), and I bet that means even in a way like this. So if this DID come about for a new dungeon, it would just end up making old dungeons look even worse. (Is that even possible?)

I'm not apposed to this at all, I just think it won't help with how boring dungeons are as is. Perhaps I'm wrong though, people don't know what they really want until they have it, and I'm no different.
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Dungeons are pretty bland. If they're condensed, at least you'd be spending less time riding horses down long hallways.
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That's a lot of work. I think it would be easier to add a movement speed boost to the hallways. Make it 2x or 3x speed when going through hallways and it would save a lot of time.
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I support the idea but the procedure could use more suggestions. I hope someone makes the hallways shorter
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Alternatively add shadow mission style rewards, or checks containing gold to the end chests so they actually have a reason to be spammed besides hunting pages.
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I wouldn't mind spawning more monsters per wave, but no way do I want to clear more than 3 waves of monsters per room in a dungeon. They already take long enough.
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Hmm... Imagine an extreme scenario. And I'm talking extreme. If multiple things could be accomplished for running a dungeon that players are forced to run them. Just bare with me.

What if everything could be accomplished by running dungeons? What if 1 dungeon = gold, exp, pages, materials, quests... I feel like this was what they tried and failed to accomplish when the devs made Mabinogi: To start with, dungeons have little to no significance and as you progress, so do the dungeon rewards and difficulty. In the end they moved on to shadow missions which incorporates the idea of gradual increase in difficulty and abandoned dungeons.

However, what if the dungeons were multi-purpose? What if the entire game revolved around dungeons actually being profitable and benefit the game's progression. I suppose we'll never find out. I think we can all think for ourselves how and why the game went different paths
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Right now there are very few room types, most spawn monsters either automatically, via chest, or hitting a pillar. The non-monster rooms are either key door rooms, the occasional gathering room (ore/herbs), or rarely just empty.

I'd like to see more room types and fewer corridors to reduce the monotony of dungeons, and I think some things can be done without removing anything. For example: the enemies that drop a key and the key door are often separate rooms, in many cases they can probably be combined into a single room if that connection doesn't branch anywhere. Maybe a room with a special NPC vendor and campfire? Just more creative types of rooms in the existing pool would be cool.
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This idea is very novel and interesting, and it might not even be that difficult to impliment~
The real difficulty of this purposal is legwork, as it is mabipro's dev staff is small, esoteric and mostly volunteer.

but dont despair! you yourself could impliment this system change with your own hands!
(it wouldnt even be that difficult to alter the "puzzle system" dungeons impliment)

If youd like some first steps on how to start:
1. try to get a link into the mabipro development discord (contact patoots or a gm)
2. Learn about making your own test server or work with somebody who has one!
3. pick apart the dungeon layout system and figure out what parameters in the xml files do what~

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