R.I.P mabination T_T
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http://www.mabination.com is ded the goldmine of guides
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I had a couple of guides from there in my bookmarks, used to visit it fairly frequently back in the day too..
I knew it went read-only a while ago, but this sucks now..
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That's a big disappointment, it was useful to look at their posts from up to 2011-2012 for information. I looked on: http://web.archive.org/web/*/mabination.com

and some forum posts are archived and able to be read, others aren't. Maybe you can find useful guides on there still.
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Came here just because of that. I've never played this game before but that was the best fansite community of an MMO I've seen, had met a lot of good people to play other games with and the website was aesthetically extremely pleasing, hopefully we will get a theme modeled on mabination.

Here lies Mabination, the fish must go on, archived for posterity

p/s how the hell do you change your avatar here? I don't see an option for it.

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