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Welcome to Autumn

A tight-knit, somewhat hardcore group of players seeking others to bring along for the ride. We are dedicated to experiencing the game to its fullest and learning its ins and outs. Our aim is to create a small community where the emphasis is on goal-oriented gameplay, and where others will be around to help achieve each others' goals. There is no strict level requirement, but you will probably have more fun if your total level is at least 300 so that you can join and contribute to runs. That said, there is no issue bringing in new players with the right mindset. If you are new to the server or the game and you are a strong learner, this is also the place for you.

Should you apply, please add Ihzi or Gauche in-game for a pre-screening interview. You may also apply directly to the guild stone and someone will contact you.

Guild Stone Location:

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