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Guild is recruiting!

As of now we're currently on hiatus for the foreseeable future,
so applications are closed until further notice.
If you want to come hang out with us though, still feel free to join our Discord chat. We don't mind seeing new faces.

We're a group of older players who like to push content when it gets released, regardless of difficulty. We play with rather unique play styles so non-meta skillsets are as welcome as anyone. We're also willing to help newer players work towards goals, we've pretty much hit end game at this point so helping each other out between content drops is our pass time.

You must log in at least once every month.
Discord is a must, we have an active server with multiple channels. Voice chat is optional.
There is no total level minimum, full stop. Any level is welcome. We run a lot of end game content, so being total 1k+ will allow you to play with us more but it is not required at all
A sense of humor. If you cant take a joke, this guild probably isn't for you.

We've got a shit ton of experience and game knowledge to help players set or work towards goals.
We're also equipped to deal with any level of content
A group of friends who can pull you into content as it drops and help with multi-player missions
Dedicated in group preference from other Guild members on drops.
A relaxed environment with people to shoot the shit with even out of game.

Meta humping is frowned upon, and you may be the butt of a few jokes.
We really do run mostly end game content when patches drop, so if you're under 1k you might be left out, though we will 100% help you get there be it through dailies or SM spamming.

We're a grand guild and our stone is located outside of the west gate of Dunbarton, or
alternatively you can add Alistine, Azukial or Abazure in game for an invite.
Here's a link to our discord: bloop one of the above to get a
role assigned and permanent membership!

Thanks for reading!

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