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Shine is recruiting!
A guild so good, it's been featured in other guild recruitment posts.

Whether you're completely new to Mabi, have only played more current versions, or just want the old-school nostalgia, Shine is here for you. We're focused on teaching new players Mabi's depth and helping you achieve your goals. Whether you want to play casually or are looking for an MMO to sink long hours into, we'll give you a warm welcome. As one of the largest active guilds on the server, we're hoping our enthusiasm can be contagious and help usher in a new wave of players to this wonderful game.

We offer:
• Knowledgeable players who can give advice on G13 Mabi and MabiPro's custom content;
• Mainstream quest assistance including All G2 Ideals;
• A compilation of guides to base and custom content, some written by our own members
• …and more!

We have diverse membership, spanning all difficulty brackets and time zones.

There are no requirements to join, other than a desire to have fun, but we do require Discord membership; you don't have to participate in chat there, but we'd like to make sure event announcements and other news are accessible outside of game.

If you're interested in joining us, or you have questions about the guild, more details are available on our Discord.
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cant join the discord...?
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