Apocrypha 2: Crossing of the Fomors (rev. 1 by Jade on 11-13-19, 01:58 am)
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○∞ Might you be prepared for a dive into the past? ∞○

A strange and ominous structure has appeared over Uladh, and unearthly rumblings emit from the sea.
It is as though a gentle force calls from a distant memory, tugging you toward Emain Macha...
Yet where have the Renegades gone all this time?

- The Apocrypha 2 story is active!
- Log in while above level 20 to receive the starting quest, "Arisen Anew".
- Requires you to have visited Emain Macha before.

- Sky Palace, Mag Itha awaits...
- A massive, ever-shifting dungeon constructed of memories, it has been hovering above Sen Lake for some time and only now do the gates begin to open.
- Sky Palace is entered using Memory Shards, which allow you to choose a special character to enter with.
- This character is then saved upon completion of each chunk of the Palace.
- Beware, for the memories are fragile and if unable to be revived by a player or other mechanic, the shard must shatter!
- However, doing this will allow you to inherit all the EXP and Gold gained within. Pick up a new shard and try again!
- Sky Palace is intended for parties of 3, but may be entered with less. However, it is not recommended to enter alone due to difficulty.
- Requires completion of "Arisen Anew" to enter.
- Many new items, clothing, and weapons can be found within by collecting Relic Orbs.

- Dyfnfor, the Undersea Bridge, is open!
- A unique dungeon that traverses the ocean, you may find the entrance in Port Cobh.
- Its difficulty is primarily that of "intermediate" levels. More advanced characters may feel confident alone.
- Defeating enemies at the sea floor will eventually cause a boss to appear.
- Mining may be performed at the sea floor.
- Could there be an entrance to the Deep Trench..?

- Merchant Destiny has been added!
- Select it upon rebirth and you will be able to gain a training bonus for life skills!
- Apologies, this detail was accidentally omitted from the patch notes previously. It was overlooked due to the size of the update. Please understand.

- The Skill Advancement system renovation has begun! Visit the Arena in Emain Macha.
- You are now able to take Dan Exams for most of the day when they are active, instead of a set timeframe.
- Dan Exams now have higher minimum scores, but can be entered alone or with up to 6 people.
- For now, only Dan 1 is available. This is because the ranks themselves have been overhauled to provide minor skill boosts, subject to further balancing.

- Guard Cylinders!
- You may purchase a basic Guard Cylinder from alchemy shops in Taillteann or Tara and equip it like a shield.
- While using one without a Primary Cylinder, only Water Cannon, Wind Blast, Flame Burst, and Sand Burst are available.
- Because it is easier to load crystals, it is possible to prepare the above skills even while being attacked or in a combo with the end of another skill.
- Using Dual Cylinders effectively requires the mastery to do so...

- Some beta/removed Skills have been recovered and implemented!
- Restoration: Ask Agnes in Emain Macha about Skills
- Dual Cylinder Mastery: Ask Tiarnan in Dunbarton about Skills

- Spirit Weapon Transfer has been added!
- By bringing the requisite items to Tarlach, he will assist you in transforming your Spirit Weapon into a new weapon if desired.
- These items may be purchased from Berched, or rarely found in Mag Itha.
- Be warned that you may lose up to 3 levels per stat while the transfer is performed.
- Upon transfer, your spirit will be confused and take some time to settle on its true knowledge levels. During this time, you will see strange and exponential level growth until it has recovered its identity.
- Spirits may inhabit new weapons including Naginata, Oriental Sabre, Wildwood Glaive, Wildwood Crossbow, Dragon Sword, Dragon Bow, Gentle Soul Dreamcatcher, Life Exploration Fishing Rod, Banana Bow, and a few items new to A2.

Keep in mind that this is one of the most ground-breaking updates we have ever had at MabiPro, and it is likely that bugs will exist. Balance changes may also need to be made as necessary to ensure the best possible experience. Rest assured we will be doing our best to solve these as they arise. Please report them to GMs in a friendly manner, and we will resolve them over time!

- Tougher things on the horizon...
- Sky Palace floors beyond 50.
- Deep Sea Rift upper difficulties.
- Special Upgrades for new items. (Let us know which ones you'd like to see!)
- Rematches with certain story bosses.
- More skill uncaps and Dan ranks and maybe some surprises.
- A new Raid. No doors this time.
- The biggest, freakiest nightmare monster.
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Good luck.
Don't get into the Totemizer.
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Congratulations on the release

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