Christmas Iria Treasure Hunting Event!
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But why are we in Rano? Isn't Santa suppose to be in Vales?

Merry Christmas to all Milletians! Santa's coming to the World of Erinn
...or is he? Well, he is here...but, it appears that the Grinchrog has appeared too, the Grinchrog seems to have attacked Santa, Ruldoph, and the Christmas Elf at Rano while he was on his way to Vales. The Grinchrog has trapped all 3 in Ancient Cubes, the only person that can Unseal the Cubes is none other than Shyla. But in order for Shyla to use her magical unsealing powers. She will need about 400 candy canes which can be found in treasure chests around the Rano Region.

Event Details:

* This event will be active on 12/13 and end in 12/26
* Head over to the Quilla Base Camp and talk to Shyla, she will give you details on what happened and will give you an L-Rod.
* Use the L-Rod to find Treasures. There will be a chance that Candy Canes will drop. In addition, Santa, Ruldoph, and Christmas Elf Coins will drop as well.
* Give Shyla the Candy Canes, She needs about 400 for each person.
* Once shyla unseals the cube from the Candy Canes, they will now be talkable. Talk to either the Santa, Ruldoph, or the Christmas Elf with their coins for a gift.
* The Grinchrog appears as a boss fight. The Grinchrog can be found at the North of Maiz every 8PM in-game day.

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