Tales is Recruiting!
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Brand new guild Tales is recruiting for friendly and active members!

Hi! I'm Alligator. Leader of the brand new guild Tales! I am looking to create a friendly environment that you can feel happy to call your own home.

My goal in making this guild is to create a sense of community. I want a place where people of all levels and experiences to feel like they can come and do things with other players. whether that be life skills, dungeons, quests, or just hanging out. Tales is hopefully going to be there to provide for those looking for a more socialized MabiPro experience.

What are my plans for this guild for the future?
- Tales strives for a community vibe. I want a place where people can advertise that they want to do something.
- Tales wants to help those in need. Plans for a communal guild bank run by the Officers to provide materials and starter gear for those in need.
- Tales wants YOUR input! Weekly guild meetings to help figure out the direction everybody wants to take the guild in, where players can provide suggestions so they are building upon the very foundations.
- Tales strives for schedules. Guild daily runs and dungeon runs planned for the future.

Discord currently under construction and Guild Stone needs a ton of work. but I hope that you will consider this your home. Lets write the next chapter together in Tales.


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