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New? Veteran? Want Nostalgia? Amaranthine is an active community that is always willing to help! We have a good mix of players, where you will always find a person down to play at your level. We also welcome those just wanting to be casual and socialize. We are a new guild (Advanced) that was established on 4/10/2020 and consists of 19 members right now. We have members from level 400 to level 30 that play around the world. Including, old and new players that want players to have fun and grow.

The name stands for "immortal" or "unfading", or an imaginary undying flower.

Our guild stone is at top of Port Cobh, which is on the right of Dunbarton, near the custom dungeon.

No requirements to join, besides to have fun. Discord is heavily recommended since we do have guild announcements and guides in our server. You don't have to chat. Join our Discord if you have any questions!

Leader - Invicious
Commander - Sephiroth
Seniors - Kortigus, Caoilfhionn, Armoniuss, Chrisy, Tritega
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