Oversimplified Raid Map for Beginners
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Here's a simplified map for new raiders to help them not get lost. New raiders should typically stick with an experienced player, but in case you get separated or a door bug yeets you to another floor, refer to these maps to help you get un-lost.

All locations are labeled by what players usually call them, and not by what they're actually called in-game. The ladders indicate where you enter the next floor to and from. Once you enter the next floor, the only way back up is to use a cube of summoning. To go back to floor one, you should select "Hall of Forgotten". To go back to floor two, select "Hall of Haunting".

As you enter the raid, you should make your way left while finding keys to reach the next floor.

On floor one, you will farm in Zombies, Beetles, Fomors, or Snake rooms until the snake boss spawns. After defeating snake boss, players will usually return to farming in their respective rooms until Cave Dragon spawns. Once it does, move past fomor room up to the top right side of the map to reach the next floor.

On floor two, you will run up and through the left door to fight the Cave Dragon. Afterwards, congregate to Saturos room and defeat enemies there until Vilemaw spawns. After defeating Vilemaw, move to the top center side of the map to reach the next floor.

On the final floor, move straight down to the Tree Room. Be mindful that there is no safe spaces until after getting to the Tree room, and everything will try to kill you on your way there. Once the final boss spawns, move back up on the right side, enter a hidden chamber to the north east, and clear the raid.

Unlisted areas of raid are not meaningless, but filling the map up with everything would be overwhelming and needless information to a new player. Ask your friends and discord about specific rooms and targets for drops, and refer to this A1S2 guide on how raid works in particular: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G-7x7qz6vSTp6Yfeiyw9j6drvYzO-iAXwz60JCCVFFk/
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Thank you very much for your contribution! This will help a lot of people out.

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