Game Server Maintenance 2/8/2021 (rev. 1 by Sidelia on 02-09-21, 06:15 pm)
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Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
12:00AM 02/09/21 to 12:30AM 02/09/21 (EST)
  • "Tara 1F PVP" has now been discontinued.
  • There was some incorrect tranining information for Taming R2 -> R1 and R1 -> Master, this has been fixed.
  • "House Pig", "Border Collie", and "Miniature Pinscher" has been added to Shyla's Shop.
  • The Party Quest "Snow Forest Boar hunt" has been fixed.
  • Elves and Giants can now equip Cardboard Tubes.
  • Giants can now do the Rock Throwing quest.
  • Trade Restrictions on Massive Holy Water has been removed.
  • Magic Assistance Books are now repairable.
  • Added Large Nail to Tiny Harp recipe
  • A bunch of new hairs has been imported to the game (Thank you Meorin)
  • Added new mouths and faces (Credit goes to Meorin)
  • "Ferris Wig" for Female Giants should no longer crash the game.
  • New Skin tone colors has been added.
  • Changed wool pouch description to reflect its actual stack size.
  • The Magic Carpet pet now has 100 minutes on Summon Time.
  • All clothings related to "Fate" are now dyeable.
  • Wing Bow's Color B is now dyable.
  • Added Cancel button for Caolan's carriage
  • Added Cheap Dyestuff, which are now used to make Waxed objects
  • Aonbharr and Griffins can now attack while mounted
  • The MabiPro Land will start to celebrate the MabiPro 4th Anniversary
  • Sky Palace rewards have been partially reworked. (A full rework is still in the making)
  • 30 minute combat exp potion has been added to Shyla's shop.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff
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All aboard!
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I can't believe it, you killed Sky Palace completely.

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