MabiPro 4th Anniversary - MabiLand Pro 2 (2/7~2/28) (rev. 2 by Astra on 02-09-21, 07:14 pm)
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Greetings, Milletians!
On February 8th , four years ago, the MabiPro team made this thread: news Mabinogi Professional officially released!
We are excited to announce that today marks our 4th year anniversary of starting MabiPro.
We'd like to thank each and every one of our players who have dedicated their time to play on our server.

Over the period of 4 years, the server and community has grown significantly, barely resembling what it was when it first released.
This is a great thing to witness, especially to those who hold this game and server close to their hearts.
We may have encountered many problems along the way, but it has never stopped us from moving forward.
We'd like to thank you for staying along for the ride and motivating us to do what we enjoy: running the server.
Onto the next year!

We've decided to run a large event to celebrate.

The annual festival, MabiLand, has returned to Mabipro!
This year's theme: Love!

Event Details:
  • This event will run from 2/9/20 to 2/28/20 (Subject to re-evaluation)
  • Participate in many quests, activities, and minigames to earn various prizes within MabiLand.
  • Form a party and go against Lorna in Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Gather your friends and play darts or the hammer game!
  • Go shopping at Sabina's special night market. Where a special item will be randomly selected and sold at night.
  • Collect 5 sets of MABIPRO cards and take on the new Onslaught Dungeon.
  • Fully befriend your favorite NPC, and have their portrait painted by the travelling painter, Oui!
  • Make chocolate for the ones you love.
  • Complete each quest daily to collect Pro Coins and Love Tokens and various rewards.

I am Astra.

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