Game Server Maintenance 5/1/2021 (rev. 1 by Sidelia on 05-01-21, 05:28 am)
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Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
02:00AM 05/01/21 to 03:00AM 05/01/21 (EST)

    Gathering Changes:

    • Wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, and water now have higher success rates to gather
    • Lumber axes can now be upgraded and smithed
    • Silk and Fabric pouches now have unique images (Thanks Darecrow)
    • Additional metallurgy spots have been added to Nekojima

    Skill Changes:

    • Windmill's training requirements for elves and humans have been lowered to match giants!
    • Applying holy water and poison to equipment is now significantly faster
    • Assault slash skill damage has been increased by 100%

    Balance Changes:

    • Removed assault slash damage increase from Guard
    • Shamala's flag scrap and cultist candle shops have been reworked
    • Belief can now use Hail Storm

    Reward Changes:

    • Various rare enchants in Math Advanced have been made easier to obtain
    • Rare enchants in Lingering Darkness have been made easier to obtain
    • Jousting Shadow Pass Box no longer contains Mobilizing the Expeditionary Force
    • Added Fierce enchant to Fiodh Advanced
    • Changed Beacon Elite's rewards a bit
    • Increased reward rates of Guardian of Avon, New King's Request, and Fortinbras' Expedition

    Spirit Weapon Changes:

    • Added a new series of confirmation messages when feeding weapons to a spirit that might otherwise be important
    • Please provide feedback if these new messages appear excessively for commonly fed items!

    Bug fixes:

    • All pillows have had their repair costs significantly lowered
    • All pillows are now repairable at general shops (aka any misc. repair NPCs)
    • Humans and elves can now properly fire basic ranged attacks on female giants!
    • Fixed the Commodity Gachapon giving the wrong type of Cooking Pot
    • Added an updated description to Cooking Pots and Cooking Tables sold by Kenta and given by Glewyas during cooking dungeons
    • Textures on female giant secret garden outfit should now display properly
    • Added missing idle animations to giant secret garden outfits

    Misc Changes:

    • Kusina no longer denies same-sex couples
    • Underground tunnel doors have been translated

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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