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Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
10:45PM 08/27/22 to 11:45PM 08/27/22 (EST)
  • Arrow Revolver, Magnum Shot, and Ranged Attack (Human and Elf), Chain Cylinder have their skills revamped towards either Loading Time, Damage, or Additional Changes for all Ranks including Dan Ranks
  • Crossbows will now gain Fire Arrow Bonus.
  • Linguist title will now properly be equipped.
  • A fix has been applied for Dual Alchemy Cylinders not gaining the correct bonus damage.
  • New Translations Applied.
  • Flagbearer Elites has been tweaked on their AI.
  • Roswall's Maid Dress for Women's Giant Model is fixed.
  • Fashion Contest rewards have been reworked
  • Claw weapons no longer allow giants to equip shields
  • New Stone Horse Whistles can now be traded up to 1 time
  • Ice Imp in Reoite now gives out a quest
  • New chests have been placed in Math Advanced
  • Opening an Arcana Card Enchantment Pack now gives you 1 Bubble Berry which can be traded for specific enchants
  • New recipes for brewing tea have been added, boil tea leaves sold in various stores with milk or water to create up to 18 different teas
  • Tea leaves are now being sold in various food locations around uladh
  • Chests in Pantay Ruins should no longer spawn in walls, hopefully
  • Evaline in Tara Castle now gives you a servant uniform box after completing her Parttime job 25 times
  • Unknown Coupons have been renamed to Servant Coupons
  • The Servant's Guild is now open to the public. Visit the guild in Tara and hire your very own maid or butler
  • Servant Trial event will be enabled, allowing players to try out servant partners for a limited time. Players can claim their trial servant until the end of this event. Trial servants do not require the event to function.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff
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that's a big update disguised as a maintenance. hype!

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