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Hello there, another guide, this time about custom mouths, I wanted to add it to my eye tutorial but I figured I'd make a slightly more in-depth guide.

When you look at the file of the mouths you might be slightly confused about where to place them, I will explain it in this tutorial in full detail.

To start out, if you have a program you're comfortable drawing in, you can simply use that.
You will need Paint.net for exporting your png file to a .dds later on. (You can use these programs to draw in as well if you wish)


You will need a plugin to save files into dds for paint.net https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111731-dds-filetype-plus-04-11-2022/

All mouth files are 32x32 pixels.

I have made 2 different raster help tools for the mouths to help guide you on where the mouth placement should be and also so you can see the exact size of the 32x32 rosters.
This is the help lines to see the 32x32 format:

And this is help lines to see at what height the mouths should be placed:

When you layer these ontop of the mouth.png it will look like this:

The green guide lines are to show you the roster size of 32x32 and the red lines is a guide line for mouth placement.

In the game the red line will be exactly at this location on the face to give you a good indication where you want your mouth to be placed on the face:

Here is the full file for all the mouths currently used in MabiPro:

You can edit this in your choice editing/drawing program, just delete the first mouth for example and replace with your custom mouth.
Once you have done that, save the file and open it in either GIMP or Paint.net, in here all you need to do is export it as a .DDS file.
! Make sure you save the file format as export preset: B8G8R8A8 (Linear, A8R8G8B8) in Paint.Net ! else you end up with really weird blended textures in the game

Name it mouth.dds and place it in your MabiPro data folder: MabiPro\data\material\char\face\mouth.dds
If you don't have these folder don't worry, just create the folders and paste in the eye.dds, this will work too.

After you've done this, boot up your MabiPro and press new character, here you can preview your creation easily.

I have also made a tutorial on custom eyes right here: https://mabi.pro/thread/4767

If you got any questions or suggestions it's best to contact me on Discord as I'm not very active on the forums, my Discord is:

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