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Hi I'm Vinnerang in game lol. I found MabiPro by just googling Mabinogi Private servers. Add me if you want. o:
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Hi Im "hanakoume"
if you go to shadow mission and dungeons, plz call me
Im Japanese, my English is not good :_(
If you see me in a game feel free to talk to me.
I’m not that good at english, so my replies will be a little slow,
But I really like to chat so please be patient with me

This is correct English? I have no idea hahaha
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IGN Amarillys, here and at live Mabi, Nao server.

I've been playing Mabinogi since 2015, when my husband introduced me to this amazing Fantasy life. It has been an amazing experience and, in 2018, a friend said there was this cool server, with mabinogi old times play, that he was playing, and it was a cool way to get to play without p2w system that I desliked so much, so I created an account and begin playing as a human at Triona Server.

It's been a great experience so far, I may miss a few stuff, like Commerce, AP potions and Homestead, but all the exclusive content and team dedication really kept me at this server. Amazing funny events!

I've been away due to a lot of stuff irl, but now Im back and with my guildies, Redcoins I want to know more people and play as much as I can!

Thanks for all the great job!
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Player name: Bshoujotee

New player here I wanted to try this game out since it got a lot of recommendations from old rpg players so I'll hope that I'll get better gradually in this game
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Hello. Was bored with life and wanted to go back to Mabinogi... only to find the game completely unrecognizable. Did a little research and found this wonderful place. I used to be one of the strongest elves in Mari back in pre-G8, haven't really done anything after that. I really love this game's life skills and probably will just be getting master titles on all the gathering and crafting skills again. I'm not looking for any real content other than that (don't know how I'm going to do the white herb in peaca for herbalism C), so looking forward to selling cheap or giving away jewels and pots.

Named myself hellowork with my trusty horse pickuptruck cause I'll be part-timing everywhere. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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You should join the discord! Also consider Irinid Orb for white herbs, it's much easier to do and get people to run it. My IGN is Leah if you have any questions~
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Hi all,
I'm new here I played for so long mabi but at the moment is so boring the original game, so i find this classic gem so i had to try!

I hope I can meet you all!
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Howdy, I'm Unlucky(Leprechaun), I've played Mabi on and off for many years since way back in G7 & 8, and a little bit in G2 when I was to young to grasp what was going on. Just kinda bumbled my way onto your site here and was super interested in checking it out. While I don't dislike modern mabi, I am super interesting in getting a nice old nostalgia trip to the old days and meetin some new people.
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I just decided to check it out for nostalgia's sake. It's a pleasure to meet y'all.
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Hello all, I'm Elimine. A returnee from when the server was still pretty young. I started playing Mabinogi when the game first came out in NA IGN: Truelight. I always found myself really into the life skills and fashion in this game, so much so that I would say I'm addicted.

Any who if you ever have requests for things made, I'll always take them, and I hope we can be friends.
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Hi everyone! My IGN is Venison, and I'm returning to the game after Nexon (imo) ran it into the ground. I found this private server through a quick google search & I'm excited to get back into a more classic experience. I'm bringing a couple friends with me, but I hope to meet many more while I'm here!
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Hi everyone! I found this through google searching. My in-game name is Clogoth
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Hello there! I'm Neonriser, and you might remember me from the original Mabinogi as (I kid you not) the original Neonriser himself. That's right... I was really into this game ever since I was in high school. I made a lot of great memories of venturing through dungeons with party members, enjoying the story, and trying out various kinds of weapons. But little did I knew that the Mabinogi I knew would not last long.

I came back several years later to make some progress on the Alchemist story when I started to notice that something strang has been going on. Duncan, who seemed to think I was someone else for some reason, assumed that I fought a fallen hero, but I had no idea what kind of "fallen hero" was referring to. I even got an invitation where I was chosen to be a leader of a circle of knights. As someone who saved the world once or perhaps even twice, I could understand why the invitation was directed towards me. But then I realized that there was no story completion requirement to get the invitation, they sent it to everyone, even the people starting out!

As I made some progress in the Alchemist story, I became overwhelmed with the increase of various features, such as the Homestead and the Daily Quests. I just wanted to enjoy the story, gosh darn it! This drove me to quit the game once and for all, and I never bothered to catch up on the story ever again. But hey, at least they got whip blades now.

By that time the handle "Neonriser" has already become a prominent go-to online handle. When I made my personal website, I made it clear it originated from my early Mabinogi days. Long story short, this would lead to a Discord discussion about the Mabinogi game itself with some who used to play the game as well. After I made up my mind, I decided to go to this website and the rest is history.
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I was a part of the Hunterz guild as well! You remember me? I used to wear white robes and duel swords all the time

Hello, forums. I am Mck. Mack. Mackinz. Whatever you wish to call me.

I was a player on Tarlach forever ago. I joined a guild by the name of Hunterz, and the game shaped who I am today. I quit several years ago, but I originally started playing around G1 - G3 in the US, and up until the advent of dual guns. I hope we all get along, and maybe some of us will know each other.

Original Server - Tarlach
Guild - Hunterz
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Hello. My name is Shadowgon. Also known as Azes on my elf account. I first played Mabinogi in around 2008( 14+ years ago). I was on Tarlach server and was about of the Hunterz guild and probably some others since I eventually stopped playing much and semi-quit. I remember sucking so hard in the game lol. The PCs I had were not that good but was still able to play decent as the game had a low requirement. I miss those old days. I still play mmo from time to time but work/school life is kicking my behind. I would love to be able to rekindle with some of the people I used to play with all those years ago..
Original Server - Tarlach
Guild - Hunterz

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