Gacha changes
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I have some ideas on how gacha could be improved so people feel less bad about getting potions or premium service items from them. So first you would buy a gacha, just one gacha. Inside that gacha would be four gachas. Two would be common gacha which have your basic junk potions premium items etc with a small chance of containing an uncommon gacha. One would be an uncommon gacha containing the slightly rarer clothes and specialties with a small chance of containing a rare gacha. And last one rare gacha, containing the rares and sought after items people are diving into for. Because of the small increase in rewards the gacha price could go up to 75 red coins.

I don't want people to feel like I did spending 50 red coins for 38 frozen blast crystals.

Maybe there could even be a reroll option at shyla to turn common gachas into uncommon/rare for more red coins.
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What about a re-reoll option where you forfeit the first items and you get for another roll! That way you get at least one more shot
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I think the idea about getting 4 gacha (2 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare) could be cool. Maybe have both as options at Shyla? So 50 red coin for 2 random gacha, and then 75 or so red coins for a sort of "gacha box".

Not sure how I feel about the reroll.

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