Alissa's Pillow Sleepover Fight event (2/7~2/16)
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Astra GM

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Alissa and her friends are having a slumber party, and she's inviting you to join the fun.
Will you come to her sleepover?

Event Details
  • Event will last from 2/7 to 2/16
  • Talk to Alissa in Tir Chonaill during the event in a party of 3+, between 8 and 10 PM.
  • When you talk to her in the correct time frame, you'll be invited to Alissa's Sleepover Event.
  • You must use the provided Play Pillows to win.
  • If you successfully complete the mission within 5 minutes, you will gain 5 White Feathers.
  • Additional Feathers will also be found while fighting. These may be turned in to Alissa for rewards!

I am Astra.
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oh shoot, you actually listened to my reply lol

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