Introducing Custom Shadow Mission "Protect the Beacons" (rev. 2 by Hisao on 02-13-17, 04:09 pm)
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Good Evening Milletians.
Operator Flipend0 Reporting in.

I would like to introduce you a new custom coded Shadow Mission called "Protect the Beacons".

Located in Taileteaan, You will notice that there is a brand new custom shadow mission called Protect the Beacons. It's party limit of 2~6 players.

Your objective is to eliminate the shadow invaders taking over the Beacons in Taileteaan.

After eliminating them, you must head over to the next Beacon. There are 3 of them
The difficulty rises as each Beacon you protect.
Make haste before the beacons becomes dominate by the shadow invaders.

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