Arcane Library
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Astra GM

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"A library without a name, the seals of light become undone, ancient knowledge uncovered"

Brand New Dungeons
This update adds the new Arcane Library Entrance and Observatory dungeons. Filled with ancient spirits, monsters, and puzzles never before seen. It is said that the magic contained within the library is so strong that no outside influence can disturb it. This may be one of your most difficult adventures yet!
However ever not all are dangerous as within the library are mobs that can either be tamed or sprites that help organize and maintain the library's structure.

Finding the Library Ruins
The lobby is very well hidden. Players who are level 650 or above will receive a strange quest upon logging in. Solve the puzzle and you will find the location the location of the library. But be careful, as the entrances to this ruin only last 24 hours!

New Items and Weapons
Within the dungeon there are a multitude of new items and equips to collect. From ancient weaponry, enchants, new skill books, and even a wand said to be able to use magic not yet seen.
There is even opportunity to infuse your mana into gems using the Rune Table found inside the library, giving each gem their own unique effect.

Much more to uncover and explore
There is much unknown about the library, with much more to come. Keep your eyes open, experiment, and never give up!

As with other updates please bear with us in the event of bugs or balance challenges, GMs are standing by to address these as soon as we can.
I am Astra.
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gib knowledge
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Awesome! Thank you for the new content <3

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