MabiPro's Gameplay F.A.Q. (rev. 4 by Astra on 04-06-23, 10:57 pm)
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Hello, Astra here with a new, more up to date FAQ . You can find Flipend0's technical FAQ here.
Feel free to suggest additions to the FAQ.


Where are the rules?

What are Red Fomorian Coins?

What are Silver Florin Coins?

What's the difference between this server and other servers?

Why is everything in Japanese?

When can I rebirth?

Where is the discord?

Can I install/use mods?

I am a developer or want to be a developer and I am interested in learning how the project works, where can I go to learn more?

I want to translate, where can I go?

What is petlag?

ToS and Rules

Can I have multiple shops open?

How many characters can fish?

Can I bring multiple character to the banquet?

Can I use multiple characters to perform a jam session?

Can I use an autoclicker?

I want to report someone or something regarding about [x], Where do I go?

Am I allowed to multiclient/box for dungeons/shadow missions

What are nodes?

What is >skill?


What sort of custom content does MabiPro have?

How do you start custom generation A1?

Can you add new Skills?

What are Puppets?

What is Siren pet?

What are Proppets?

Can you add new pets?

Can you add new Skills?

Make an unstackable item stackable?


Can you import clothes?

Can you import weapons?

Can you add features past G13?

Can you add new hairs?

Can you add new eyes

Can you add new mouths?

Can you add new faces

Character cards


G1. Stuck at 2nd Quest

G1. Stuck at Aeria Bookstore

G1. Stuck at Goro's Ring

I am Astra.

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