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"This world is ours, to save or destroy."

Goldensun, our guild, is a community-focused group built to make positive impacts on the MabiPro Server.
We hope to establish ourselves as a beacon of light and togetherness for all players.

Joining Goldensun will, of course, grant you usual perks of any guild - Weekly you'll be invited to our Unholy Bouquet runs, our Symphonies, our Black Herbs and Raids. We do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated for these events, so there will be no worries about being left behind. Even for lower-level players, we have a strong base group who can do well to carry in any mission. We also will be sure to help each member get the proper gear, such as relics and good armor.
If you'd like to meet us first, feel free to check out our discord server
, say hi, ask some questions, and let us know if you're thinking about joining!

Many of our members spend their free time writing guides, testing new features, and exploring all content to be sure we can all be as informed as possible. New players will benefit from this greatly, as they'll be able to find information that is otherwise known but unavailable publicly, and older players are of course welcome to share their findings so we can better develop strategies for specific content. We all believe heavily in free, public knowledge, meaning that we share our discoveries quickly - both for peers to review and test and to make us all aware.
New players also benefit from an active player base in our guild during nearly all hours, for generation quests and assistance with skills or training. Players who have never played mabinogi before are especially welcome here, given how confusing original G1 can be, we'll do our best to go with you step by step so you don't get confused along the way.

Other Features of the Goldensun guild:
Weekly assistance with the fashion show to help members achieve the Fashionable title
Plenty of -cp, luck, and other stat altering gear available to lend out to players
Falias Dew and Falias Drops are provided for all members upon their completion of g12 - instant slots!
Our Pass-Bank, a custom channel where all can see what Elites and other custom mission passes we have available to run
Castle Ownership means you can pick your own house and benefit from a residential area-to-guildhall warp, no need to run to the guildstone!
Active players with high knowledge of the server to help you become accustomed to custom content and recover should common bugs occur.
Round-the-clock player base
Of course, many members are fans of the Golden Sun game series, and there is room to discuss it in our discord.

In addition, we will be hosting weekly games and player-run events. Being part of the guild means having say in creation and moderation of such games. How fun does that sound?

Our guild stone is located in Dunbarton, under the tower between the south-east gate and port cobh.
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