Tax Week (7/24~7/31)
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Greetings, Milletians!
Tax week is here, and the collectors are on their way!
Taxes are a much needed resource to help pay for new infrastructure around Uladh, so for the next week players will be randomly chosen throughout the day to be marked to pay their taxes. These reports will contain the total amount of taxes owed and will be destroyable once the event ends.

You are given 3 days to pay your taxes, make sure to don't be late! Otherwise someone will have to collect it...

How to pay your taxes
-Wait for the Tax Man to deliver you your Tax Report
-Visit the Tax Man at Dunbarton's Unicorn Statue
-Make sure you have enough gold in your inventory

For Taxpayers
When you pay your taxes you will gain a secondary "Tax Payer" title. You will also be entitled to tax returns once the tax week ends. The amount of returns and what new infrastructures are built all depends on how much your local government is able to collect this Tax Week. Both will be listed below.

For Tax Evaders
Those who evade taxes are not subject to a return. You will be branded with a "Tax Evader" title if you have been marked and fail to pay your taxes once the week ends.
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Interesting event

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