Double Red Coin Drop Event (300k gold tax milestone)
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Oh, more coins for Shyla! Thanks Tax Payers!

Hello Milletians, GM Astra here.

Thank you to all the Tax Payers for funding many new services around Uladh! I hope you are enjoying them all. From NPC mail to new boat rides, this is just the beginning of it all!

For the next three days (August 13th to August 16th), There will be an additional red coins drop system going on in MabiPro.
That means, there are twice the chances that a red coin will drop, and if you're really feeling lucky, two might even drop!
Start hunting and start gaining more red coins!!

Event Details:
  • This event will run from August 13th to August 16th
  • Hunt monsters in the game to get a chance to get a red coin, if you're really lucky, 2 red coins might drop from the same monster.
-MabiPro Team

Note: There has been an estimated 4 million gold raised in total, we hope to have a full report soon.
I am Astra.

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