Lorna Endless Melee Event 11/12~11/26
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Uh Oh...Something has gone terribly wrong in the soul steam...

Well milletian, it seems that the soul steam has been attacked. Who knows what or why? Nao is temporarily away and Lorna needs your help.
Will you fight the monsters out for her?

Event Details:
  • [color=red]Changes since last year:[/color] Minor Increment Stage Bug is patched. Monster Spawn Rate is now based on Stage Number, New Monsters were added, Lorna's Recieved a buff, Each Lorna now has a specaility item (Warrior Lorna has Power Up Potion, Range Lorna has Poision Potion, Alchemy Lorna has Ice Mines, and Mage Lorna has Speed Casting Potion), New Items added to the Reward List for Lorna Coins.
  • This event will run for 11/12 to 11/26
  • Find Lorna in Dunbarton. She will state the situation and ask you to aid her.
  • You need up to 4 people in a party, the players in the party must be 20 meters next to Lorna and the party leader cannot have a shadow mission on their quest inventory.
  • Upon meeting the requirements, you will RP as one of four Lorna's, Each Lorna has their own skillset: Melee, Ranger, Alchemy, and Mage. You can pick a role by having a small gem of the same color on your inventory.
  • Fight off the monsters, each kill will reward you one star.
  • The run ends when all Lornas becomes unconscious. You will be given Lorna Coins for your participation in the event. Lorna Coins are distributed by the following formula : Total Number of Stars Earned divided by 5.
  • Talk to Lorna with the Lorna Coins to exchange with items .

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