Bell Tower Gauntlet & Christmas Events (rev. 1 by Astra on 12-19-22, 05:30 am)
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A strange new dungeon has appeared in the middle of Dunbarton, and it's taking over the belltower!
Speak with White and take on the massive 20-floor dungeon!

Bell Tower Gauntlet
12/18 ~ 1/1

  • In this dungeon you will be reverted back to level 1 with no skills.
  • You can enter the gauntlet with up to 4 players in a party
  • At the end of each floor you will earn stars which can be used to buy items, upgrade skills, upgrades stats, and so on.
  • The rules of the dungeon change depending on your party size:
  • For parties of 3-4, the stars earned will depend on how fast you clear each room on the floor, boss room not included. Along with this, larger groups will also have to face more monsters
  • For smaller parties of 1-2, the amount of stars earned at the end of each floor remains consistent, and you will have to face far fewer monsters than larger groups.
  • Each floor completed will award the player's original character with Tower Points which can be used in the Event Shop
  • You can also buy Masks, accessories, and floor skips from White with the use of Tower Points, which can further help you in future runs
  • Said items can also be upgraded up to 5 times with the use of Tower Points
  • Some accessories will only be unlocked as you clear sets of 5 floors.

Christmas Events
12/18 ~ 12/26

  • From Dunbarton to Emain Macha, towns around Uladh will be decorated with Christmas props!
  • Light up the Emain Macha Christmas tree with Holiday Lights sold at Galvin's shop!
  • Santa will be appearing in many different towns offering players a new part time job.
  • Santa will ask you to deliver gifts to many different NPCs
  • Obtain rare rewards as you complete more PTJs (note: rewards are fixed and are given based on how many PTJs have been completed)
  • Huge Christmas Goblins have been sneaking around in dungeons and outside of dunbarton.Defeat them and collect the presents they stole!
  • Dye Drops
    at 3PM EST and 10PM EST christmas themed dyes will be delivered to all online players at these days

We wish for everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!
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Thank you for a great Mabi.Pro Winter event!
As someone who afks a lot, I really enjoyed the Santa PTJ. The belltower was an interesting event as well. I hope to see more event ideas like these in the future.

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