Game Server Maintenance 6/14 (rev. 1 by Flipend0 on 06-14-23, 02:09 pm)
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Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
10:15AM 06/14/23 to 11:00AM 06/14/23 (EST)
  • Two Handed tag and associated bonuses have been added to these weapons: Cleave, Spirit Cleaver, Greatsword, Spirit Greatsword, Greatsword S, Greatsword R, Great Surf Zauber
  • Giant Full Swing tag and associated bonuses have been added to these weapons: Solar Glory Battle Mandolin, Baseball Bat, Devil Slayer, Barbaric Fox Scythe
  • Shooting Star Pride Crossbow now has access to Ring Bow upgrades
  • Gem upgrades have been added to the following weapons: Cloud Chalumeau, Frostblossom Great Sword
  • Weapons upgrades and Gem upgrades have been added for the following weapons: Frosted Borealis Hammer, Frosted Borealis Blade, Frosted Borealis Shield, Winter Royal Kite Shield, Warhammer Zillyhoo
  • Special Upgrades are now available for the following weapons: War Sword, Devil Slayer, Warhammer of Zillyhoo, Frosted Borealis Hammer, Frosted Borealis Shield, Winter Royal Kite Shield
  • Special Upgrade for Cloud Chalumeau changed to modify Frozen Blast, previously it modified wind alchemy damage
  • Reoite Snowball can now stack up to 10 item quanity
  • Spiral Hill boss has been given new item drops and additional drop changes
  • Badhbh Cath's Talisman and Nuadha Talisman can now be enchanted
  • Metallurgy and Wool Gathering cost half the durability they used to, tools now last twice as long
  • Metallurgy Sieves now have upgrades for Gather Speed
  • Handmade bandages are now made in bundles of 5 (10 for finest), fragmentation recipes modified to reflect this change
  • Sword of Elsinore can now cast Fireball
  • Pierrick Body Pillow can now be purchased from Pierrick himself
  • Healing Scrolls have been reworked: HP recovery is now scaled with Healing skill and related buff effects, now includes Wound recovery scaling with First Aid and relevant effects
  • Crafting recipe for Healing Scroll has been modified: 1 Blank Scroll, 3 Bloody Herbs, 80 MP
  • All spirit weapon awakening skills have been given vastly increased damage
  • All Mana Preservation Stone synthesis recipes now yields 10 stones per successful craft
  • G3 Baol Infiltration and G9 Elatha RP no longer have day requirements
  • Shyla's gold shop now contains a new tab for cosmetic/appearance based items, including new items
  • Cenae's Irinid Orb dungeon loot has been revamped
  • Weaving ranks now properly increase the chance of creating fine/finest fabrics and silks per rank, previously this chance would get worse past specific ranks
  • A new synthesis recipe is now available to create Falias treasures, components can be obtained from the Symphony for a Fallen King mission: 1 Falias Marble Chunk, 2 Holy Water of Falias, 5 Holy Water of Lymillark [There is no current in-game method of learning about this recipe]
  • Translations have been updated.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff
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This is huge!@

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