Game Server Maintenance 10/14
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Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
12:45PM 10/14/23 to 02:45PM 10/14/23 (EST)
  • New over encumbered system that will decrease player speed when they have over 20 droppable items in their Temporary Inventory
  • New Trashcans/bin have been added to every town that can easily clean out Temporary Inventory (note: some items will be completely destroyed)
  • Players can Dumpster dive for some items thrown out in Trashcans/bins
  • The Belltower gauntlet has been made a permanent addition. Players level 150 and over will automatically start the questline (note: Progress has not been reset from the previously held event)
  • Belltower Gauntlet: Alchemy and Ranged upgrades have been buffed in the gauntlet
  • Belltower Gauntlet: Each floor of the gauntlet can spawn a mouse helper at the entrance. Give it cheese to bring it with you through the floor. This is mainly to test the mercenary system.
  • Belltower Gauntlet: White feathers are now required to revive in the Belltower. Each player starts with 10, and additional feathers cannot be purchased.
  • Fixed Various dialogue bugs on Tamon, Brseal, and Madoc.
  • Added new Emoticon Animations : Giant Dab, Gaint Simoning (Sp.Thanks to NoOneHere!)
  • Quarterstaff weapon special effects has been added.
  • Added a failsafe for Runecrafting and Beekeeping for those who were unable to obtain the skill.
  • Fixed a bug where the Joust Reward Box may return nothing.
  • Pet Upgrades no longer disappear (note: this does not apply to training kits or potions)

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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