Christmas Events (12/4 ~ 12/26)
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Celebrate this holiday season in Erinn!

Event Details:
* From Dunbarton to Emain Macha, towns around Uladh will be decorated with Christmas props!
* Light up the Emain Macha Christmas tree with Holiday Lights sold at Galvin's shop!
* Santa will be appearing in many different towns offering players a new part time job.
* Santa will ask you to deliver gifts to many different NPCs
* Obtain rare rewards as you complete more PTJs (note: rewards are fixed and are given based on how many PTJs have been completed)
* Huge Christmas Goblins have been sneaking around in dungeons and outside of dunbarton. Defeat them and collect the presents they stole!
* Grinchrog has descended upon Dunbarton! Stop Grinchrog from ruining christmas and you will receive an item!
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