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Darth Johny

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Hello all,
Darth Johny here but most of you know me as Lillian9.

So over there years I have taken part on various discussions concerning game balance, skills, races etc. One of the things that have most been brought up is how humans have taken the short end of the stick in terms of optimized content in mabipro. How do we help out the humans of mabipro but more importantly how can we make the game have a bit more variety in terms of skills? So I considered the options. Then I thought of how over the years dan skills have been slowly been introduced. That is when it hit me. Here are some examples of what dan ranks could do for humans:

Smash r1 > dan
-Humans 2.0 sec load time 500% damage mod-> 1.5sec 515% damage mod
Now because Giants may be unhappy about humans being able to catch up to them, ill throw them a bone too
- Giant 1.6sec load time, 600% damage mod -> 1.25 sec LT, 640% damage mod
Elves are fine as is but*:
- Elves 2.5 sec LT, 500% damage mod -> 2.0 sec LT, 500%* damage mod
*I really think elves should just just either get a load time decrease or a damage mod increase, but not both

In the case of magnum shot
Humans 1.5 sec LT, 500% damage mod -> 0.8 sec load time, 525% damage mod
Elves 0.5 sec LT 500% damage mod -> 0.5 sec LT, 515% dmg mod*
*Yea... elves don't need any help there

humans/ giants 250% dmg mod, 0.8sec LT, -> 265% dmg mod, 0.8 sec LT AoE unchanged
Elves 200% dmg mod 0.8 sec LT -> 225% dmg mod, 0.8 sec LT AoE unchanged*
*personally WM should be a universally similar skill across all 3 races considering the skill is mostly defensive in nature but i digress

idea for human AR: I've been part of discussions concerning buffs for AR. Personally I don't see why not, especially if its going to be a dan buff. Maybe buff it to the current damage mods that nexon has currently? <insert shrug here> or maybe a 25%-30% modifier increase?

I have a whole list of ideas concerning magic dans skills but that is a topic for another thread. I'd say we can use this to differentiate between the 3 races: Humans/ giants can either get shorter load times or higher damage, and elves can have the other aspect.
Example if humans giants get better damage, elves can have shorter load times etc. I'm pretty sure most people would rather go for shorter load times on humans/giants. Reduced mana consumption could also be a thing.

Same deal as with magic: decreased load times and increased base damages. This one could also be used to distinguish between races. Giants/ humans may have shorter load times, elves can have higher base damages, maybe?

Life skills
For tailoring, blacksmithing, carpentry: have a small chance to crafting "X" grade items?

Anyways that's what I've thought of so far. This is just to set an example of what I think could happen with dan skills. <insert shrug here>. Feel free to comment your thoughts and have a good day! Keep it civil please!

- Darth Johny (Lillian9)

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I opened the files for skills on humans and giants, and if I'm reading it right then currently giants have a load time of 1.6s at r1 and dan 1, with 600% dmg that goes to 640% at Dan 1; humans are 2s load time and stay at 500% if I read this right. So your changes would actually be a nerf to giants I believe? Anyway, this and shield charge are your basic highlights for being a giant, so be very careful about bringing humans and giants too close here. Buffing giant's smash splash damage would be something I'd get behind though.

Magic: Giants are supposed to be bad at it was the original concept. I'd honestly support humans being your base, giants having less damage or higher MP cost which we do for int magic at least, and elves having basically any kind of buff on it. Be very careful on increasing load times, because this will affect the rhythm of combat, I would not be happy as a giant to suddenly discover I can't bolt counter a Sahagin or something anymore. Similarly increasing load times of int spells, which are already horribly slow, would be very very frustrating.

Life skills and similar production related like Alchemy Mastery and such: I'd actually be okay with racial bonuses on those too. Tbh, I'd love a higher focus on crafting, making it feel more rewarding. But as an example, giants who are a str oriented race would be better at something like smithing, give humans tailoring, elves alchemy boosts for magic relation... More brainstorming than presenting a detailed idea, so don't take this part too seriously.

Other stuff I don't have much of a strong opinion on.
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Darth Johny

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Ahh yea. My table was to set an example. im not familiar with the actual values on mabipro currently. I kinda knew it was around 600% but i changed it down to 500% to be safe. Giants can have their current damage mod plus the load time decrease

For magic, i mean the opposite. decreased load times. I'd reckon most people would want bolt magics with faster load times on humans and giants while elves get maybe a 50% damage boost on bolt spells, 25% on int magic. I dunno, I'm just throwing ideas around at the moment. I don't have an actual table or anything yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding on the above.
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If I remember right, the dan ranks for magic bolts are basically +5 damage. It definitely feels a little underwhelming... I feel like the dan ranks should have special effects, like maybe lb's chaining range is a bit bigger, or fb gets a bigger multiplier. Bonus damage is nice but feels weird to be such a flat upgrade.

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