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News & Announcements

game event 11/9 - 11/16 The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament Event
Posted on 11-09-18, 08:25 am by Flipend0

The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament Event

Shyla at Tara has obtained a limited supply of Certificates to participate at the Tara NPC Jousting Tournament.
and she is offering players these certificates to attend, for a small fee of course!

There are 5 NPCs, Ferghus, Meles, Taunes, Lorna, and Triona. You must strike all of them in a game of Joust.
Are you prepared? This Tournament will get red hot!

Event Details:
  • The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament will start in 11/9~11/16
  • Upon logging in, you'll receive a quest and a Yellow Wings of a Goddess to automatically teleport you to Tara, where Shyla can be found. If you have already participated in this event last year, you will not receive a Yellow Wings of a Goddess, go straight to Shyla at Tara.
  • You will need 2500 gold to receive the Certificate to Participate at the NPC Jousting Tournament, as well as automatically entering the NPC Jousting Tournament Event.
  • You will have a 10 minute cool down for entering the mission again. This means if you fail, log out, disconnected, or changed channels, you will have to wait 10 minutes before entering in the tournament again.
  • The NPCS must be defeated in order : Ferghus, Meles, Taunes, Lorna, Triona
  • Defeating each NPC will reward you a gachapon.
  • If you lose, you will lose the Certification. This will result in failing the mission.

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update Node stability and quality of life updates
Posted on 09-29-18, 12:53 am by Drahan

Hello everybody!

Recently, I identified a major source of instability on our HA node system which load balances MabiPro's connections.
The bug was fixed last night (9/28/18) and an update was pushed to correct this.

This should result in increased server stability (less random disconnections).

Latency Correction System

Alongside this update is a new system for helping players with high latency: the skill load latency correction system.
This allows you to subtract the latency caused by your high latency connection and load skills in real-time.

To use it, you need to measure your latency (you can do so by pinging any of MabiPro's HA nodes, e.g eins.mabi.pro) in the Windows Command Prompt.

After you have determined your approximate latency, you can run >skill (insert latency here) to activate the latency correction system.

If your measured ping is too large, the game server will notify you to lower the ping you have chosen. Fine tune it to a point where it is just under the point where it notifies you.

This system is in beta, so please report any bugs you may find.
One such bug we are aware of is an issue with the notification telling you to lower your number - it sometimes triggers 100% of the time.

If you find any other bugs, please let us know in a ticket.

Otherwise, enjoy the feature and enjoy your time at MabiPro.

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event Lorna and Pan Summer Beach PVP Event (8/30~9/9)
Posted on 08-30-18, 05:53 pm by Flipend0

It’s that time of year again where Lorna and Pan just can’t stop fighting! This time they’ve taken their feud to the beaches of Port Ceann. You must lay down your weapons and speak to either Lorna or Pan to join their team. While you enlist yourself, you may notice a bin full of juicy watermelons. Your task is to steal as many watermelons from the opposing team as possible.
This is no ordinary game of capture the watermelon. Once enlisted in a team you will receive a special ice baton that can be used to freeze enemies to prevent them from stealing more watermelons. Beware though! The enemy too has the capabilities to freeze you and only by using the baton on a frozen team member can they spring back into action. Use this weapon in your quest to steal as many watermelons as possible!

Head over to Port Ceann to participate in the event (or, speak to the Transportation Agent at Dunbarton to automatically transport you there for 5000 gold).

Event Details:
  • The event will run between 08/30 and 09/09.
  • You must steal watermelons from the enemy team.
  • To join a team speak to either Lorna or Pan with nothing equipped in your hands, no transformation loaded, and no pets / golem summoned.
  • You will be equipped with a Summer Beach Day Event Baton and Summer Beach Day Event Swimsuit for your respective team and gender.
  • The baton can be used to freeze enemy team members or unfreeze fellow team members.
  • You will have five minutes to join and warm up.
  • You can join a match in progress but will be restricted from doing so in the last five minutes of any match.
  • After the match, if you're on the winning team, every player on the winning team will receive rewards. If you're on the losing team, only some players will receive rewards.

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game update A1 Season 2
Posted on 06-30-18, 07:36 pm by Jade

"The Sleeper Wakes"

This should hold their attention while ours is focused on greater artifacts.

New Content
A new questline has been added. You must have the main A1 quest "Shamala in Crisis" complete to begin.
A new dungeon and missions are included, as well as many custom items.
You could win a rabbit.

Challenge the Viridian Caverns!
A new type of "Raid Mission" that can support large numbers of players.
Defeat monsters with a ★ below their names for additional treasure and the chance to invite more friends to join the fray.

Discover the deepest secrets beneath Courcle!
S2 completes the story arc begun in "Beneath the Jungle Dreaming" and paves the way for the future A2 might bring.
New invaders and field bosses now lurk within the region, prowling the jungle in preparation for conquest.
What was that rattling noise?

Some other requested fixes!
Spirit Weapons should now be dyeable.
Stack size increased to 20 for Ice and can now be purchased in quantities.

Plant Invasion Event!
Help us keep the surroundings of Dunbarton and Gairech clean, please!
Visit the small Cube that has appeared in the center of town to deposit their energy herbs.
This event will end Monday, July 16. It was extended due to the technical difficulties and postponements we experienced.

As before during the A1 Update, bear with us in the event of bugs or balance challenges, GMs are standing by to address these as soon as we can.

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event Summer Dyes Hot Time Event 2018
Posted on 06-25-18, 05:33 pm by Flipend0

Hello, Milletians!

The summer is coming up, Shyla is already distributing her Summer Gachapon, and we're going to plan some summer-related events soon!
For this one, We're going to start distributing summer-color related dyes to all players who are logged into MabiPro. All you have to do is stay logged in during these upcoming weekends.

All you have to do is be online at the following times:

  • Friday, June 29 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Saturday, June 30 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Sunday, July 1 5PM EST & 10PM EST

Don't miss out and enjoy your summer vacation, More stuff is planned to be out soon!

-MabiPro Staff

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