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event Lorna Endless Melee Event (7/10~7/26)
Posted on 07-10-21, 05:32 am by Flipend0

Uh Oh...Something has gone terribly wrong in the soul steam...

Well milletian, it seems that the soul steam has been attacked. Who knows what or why? Nao is temporarily away and Lorna needs your help.
Will you fight the monsters out for her?

Event Details:
  • This event will run for 7/10 to 7/26
  • Find Lorna in Dunbarton. She will state the situation and ask you to aid her.
  • You need up to 4 people in a party, the players in the party must be 20 meters next to Lorna and the party leader cannot have a shadow mission on their quest inventory.
  • Upon meeting the requirements, you will RP as one of four Lorna's, Each Lorna has their own skillset: Melee, Ranger, Alchemy, and Mage. You can pick a role by having a small gem of the same color on your inventory.
  • Fight off the monsters, each kill will reward you one star.
  • The run ends when all Lornas becomes unconscious. You will be given Lorna Coins for your participation in the event. Lorna Coins are distributed by the following formula : Total Number of Stars Earned divided by 5.
  • Talk to Lorna with the Lorna Coins to exchange with items .

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 7/9/2021
Posted on 07-10-21, 04:05 am by Flipend0

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
12:30AM 07/10/21 to 02:30AM 07/10/21 (EST)
  • Nuadha (Sky Palace) has been given a new appearance.
  • Shamala's upgrade now has dual bipennes in addition to her glaive.
  • Temple Knight Jenna's swords now have the same attack speed.
  • Removed 2 mouths from giant character creation that were intended for humans and elves.
  • Fixed Dowra's Eyes using human expressions.
  • Fixed incorrect subject placement in field boss spawn notifications.
  • Royal alchemist selection notification has been translated.
  • Binding Spirit Liqueur has been added to Berched's shop.
  • Simon can now modify certain outfits to petite and animationless versions
  • New petite version of certain outfits have been added to shops for the same price as their original counterpart
  • Players with the merchant destiny now gain luck upon level up
  • Silver weapons now do double damage to undead.
  • Briana now sells the new Score Scroll bag for 80,000 gold
  • Some plants found in Pantay Ruins either had their collision removed or can now be burnt down with a torch made from handicraft.
  • The Large tree found in Pantay Ruins were replaced with a smaller, similar looking tree in most dungeon rooms.
  • Lorna's Endless Melee Event starts in 7/10 and ends in 7/26

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 5/11/2021
Posted on 05-12-21, 05:39 am by Flipend0

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
02:00AM 05/12/21 to 03:00AM 05/12/21 (EST)
  • Added a new Knight NPC, Amergin to Cor
  • Added a new recipe book, Book of Blood to the Arcane Library
  • Added Arcane Artifact Chest along with multiple new artifacts to the Arcane Library
  • You can now repair the Tarnished Silver Dagger at Amergin who will replace it with a new silver dagger
  • You can trade Arcane Library Research Notes to Amergin now
  • Skeletal Hounds now drop Bone Shards

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 5/1/2021
Posted on 05-01-21, 05:11 am by Flipend0

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
02:00AM 05/01/21 to 03:00AM 05/01/21 (EST)

    Gathering Changes:

    • Wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, and water now have higher success rates to gather
    • Lumber axes can now be upgraded and smithed
    • Silk and Fabric pouches now have unique images (Thanks Darecrow)
    • Additional metallurgy spots have been added to Nekojima

    Skill Changes:

    • Windmill's training requirements for elves and humans have been lowered to match giants!
    • Applying holy water and poison to equipment is now significantly faster
    • Assault slash skill damage has been increased by 100%

    Balance Changes:

    • Removed assault slash damage increase from Guard
    • Shamala's flag scrap and cultist candle shops have been reworked
    • Belief can now use Hail Storm

    Reward Changes:

    • Various rare enchants in Math Advanced have been made easier to obtain
    • Rare enchants in Lingering Darkness have been made easier to obtain
    • Jousting Shadow Pass Box no longer contains Mobilizing the Expeditionary Force
    • Added Fierce enchant to Fiodh Advanced
    • Changed Beacon Elite's rewards a bit
    • Increased reward rates of Guardian of Avon, New King's Request, and Fortinbras' Expedition

    Spirit Weapon Changes:

    • Added a new series of confirmation messages when feeding weapons to a spirit that might otherwise be important
    • Please provide feedback if these new messages appear excessively for commonly fed items!

    Bug fixes:

    • All pillows have had their repair costs significantly lowered
    • All pillows are now repairable at general shops (aka any misc. repair NPCs)
    • Humans and elves can now properly fire basic ranged attacks on female giants!
    • Fixed the Commodity Gachapon giving the wrong type of Cooking Pot
    • Added an updated description to Cooking Pots and Cooking Tables sold by Kenta and given by Glewyas during cooking dungeons
    • Textures on female giant secret garden outfit should now display properly
    • Added missing idle animations to giant secret garden outfits

    Misc Changes:

    • Kusina no longer denies same-sex couples
    • Underground tunnel doors have been translated

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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event Goblin tag is back!
Posted on 04-19-21, 04:43 pm by Patoots

"The World is big and goblins are small but there is one gob who rules them all! He may be only three feet tall, but he's sure that he will beat you all! Our bold king of golden pacing is eager to see who he will be racing! Do you have what it takes to give him the brakes?"
-The Goblin Squad"

Goblin Tag has Returned to The World, and in no small part thanks to the feisty king of swift and furious tag himself!

-To face him you must find a Goblin Tag Pass from any monster drops. Bosses have a much higher drop rate!
- It can be brought to any standard dungeon in Uladh.
- Upon dropping in a party of up to 8, you will be swept away to a special field via goblin magic!
- Players will receive a star for every Racing Goblin they can chase down and defeat.
- After 10 minutes, the game is over and chests will appear in the center to be opened with your Stars!
- The more players present, the more chests appear!

We eagerly await for you to participate, so give it a whirl and give it your best shot!
Players of all levels may participate, though at lower levels it is suggested to bring friends.
Please be sure to report any bugs you find that might have crept into the event since its first run!

See you in the tag fields, Milletians!

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