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content release A Bone to Pick
Posted on 04-04-19, 09:51 pm by Jade

The new Avon Theater Mission, "A Bone to Pick" has been enabled!

Join Horatio in his travels as he is beset by foreign undead while returning from his battles abroad.
He is a skillful fighter and knows how to take care of himself, but watch out - his Windmill does not discriminate between friend and foe!
Defeat several waves of skeletons, rats, and other mysterious denizens of the sea until a surprising and slippery boss might appear.
Up to 3 players can participate. The pass will appear in the Play Script Crafting along with the others.

○∞ It will be found. ∞○
○∞ It will be pieced together. ∞○
○∞ It will end and yet live anew. ∞○

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content release Kurayama Village
Posted on 03-20-19, 07:13 am by Astra

"The Orient Village Behind the Dark Mountain"

New areas to explore
Two new areas were added into the game. A town based on the unreleased orient area, Kurayama Village, and the brand new wild area, The Bamboo Forest.
Featuring several new and unique items, shops, and even a new pet.

New NPCs to befriend
This update adds 7 new NPCs, each have their own story to tell. Learn more about the village, its people, their history, and even the country they are from by befriending all the villagers!

How to visit the village
At level 30 players will receive a quest leading them to the village.
There's now a 33% chance that Ciar Normal will have a 4th optional floor. This floor will take you directly to the village.
During the weekends an NPC will enter the Ciar dungeon lobby and offer an escort service, taking players to the village for 20,000 gold.
You may also find a dungeon pass in Ciar Normal that'll lead you to the village.

Enhance your fantasy life with the new chicken pet!
Rarely when gathering eggs from a hen, a fertilized egg will pop out instead!
Crafting and using the new Incubation Scroll item with this egg in your inventory will help it hatch.
Of course, there's a lot more to it than that!

Beware of entering the forest at night.

As with other updates please bear with us in the event of bugs or balance challenges, GMs are standing by to address these as soon as we can.

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game event Attention Milletians, Goblin Tag is here!
Posted on 03-20-19, 07:12 am by Patoots

"The World is big and goblins are small but there is one gob who rules them all! He may be only three feet tall, but he's sure he'll beat you all! Our bold king of golden pacing is eager to see who he will be racing! Do you have what it takes to give him the brakes?"
-The Goblin Squad"

Goblin Tag has been introduced to The World, and in no small part thanks to the feisty king of swift and furious tag himself!

-To face him you must find a Goblin Tag Pass from any monster drops. Bosses have a much higher drop rate!
- It can be brought to any standard dungeon in Uladh.
- Upon dropping in a party of up to 8, you will be swept away to a special field via goblin magic!
- Players will receive a star for every Racing Goblin they can chase down and defeat.
- After 10 minutes, the game is over and chests will appear in the center to be opened with your Stars!
- The more players present, the more chests appear!

We eagerly await for you to participate, so give it a whirl and give it your best shot!
Players of all levels may participate, though at lower levels it is suggested to bring friends.

See you in the tag fields, Milletians!

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news Full color Visual Chat support
Posted on 03-10-19, 08:46 am by Drahan


A new beta HA node command ">vc" has been added. This command allows you to send full color visual chats to other users ingame.
Since the client will not load these visual chats, you must upload the images to a image host like Imgur.

What works:
* Full color - images support full 256 bit color.
* Opacity - images support full transparency and even variable opacity.
* Automatic image resizing - images larger than 256x96 will be resized to 256x96 automatically.
* PNG loading

What doesn't work and will probably never work:
* Saving images
* User signature (all images are signed by Drahan when using this command)

What doesn't work but is supposed to work:
* Images larger than 32kb in size. 32KB is just under the average file size for resized images so some images fail... a lot.
* Error handling - actually, it works, it's just done wrong right now. You get kicked when an error occurs, and since this feature is still beta.
* HTTPS loading on Vier node - Vier fails all HTTPS requests due to some configuration issues, but will be fixed soon.
* Most JPGs and other file formats that aren't PNG.

Example of how to use it:

We recommend using Imgur to host images, and use PNG file format as it is the best supported.

This feature is currently a work in progress. It is not perfect, and it is extremely finicky about what images you use and where they are hosted; additionally being kicked every time an error occurs is pretty problematic as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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game event Lorna's Endless Melee Event (2/24~3/3)
Posted on 02-24-19, 07:47 am by Flipend0

Uh Oh...Something has gone terribly wrong in the soul steam...

Well milletian, it seems that the soul steam has been attacked. Who knows what or why? Nao is temporarily away and Lorna needs your help.
Will you fight the monsters out for her?

Event Details:
  • This event will run for 2/24 to 3/3
  • Find Lorna in Dunbarton. She will state the situation and ask you to aid her.
  • You need a total of exactly 4 people in a party, the players in the party must be 20 meters next to Lorna and the party leader cannot have a shadow mission on their quest inventory.
  • Upon meeting the requirements, you will RP as one of four Lorna's, Each Lorna has their own skillset: Melee, Ranger, Alchemy, and Mage. You can pick a role by having a small gem of the same color on your inventory.
  • Fight off the monsters, each kill will reward you one star.
  • The run ends when all Lornas becomes unconscious. You will be given Lorna Coins for your participation in the event. Lorna Coins are distributed by the following formula : Total Number of Stars Earned divided by 5.
  • Talk to Lorna with the Lorna Coins to exchange with items .

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