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News & Announcements

game update A1 Season 2
Posted on 06-30-18, 07:36 pm by Jade

"The Sleeper Wakes"

This should hold their attention while ours is focused on greater artifacts.

New Content
A new questline has been added. You must have the main A1 quest "Shamala in Crisis" complete to begin.
A new dungeon and missions are included, as well as many custom items.
You could win a rabbit.

Challenge the Viridian Caverns!
A new type of "Raid Mission" that can support large numbers of players.
Defeat monsters with a ★ below their names for additional treasure and the chance to invite more friends to join the fray.

Discover the deepest secrets beneath Courcle!
S2 completes the story arc begun in "Beneath the Jungle Dreaming" and paves the way for the future A2 might bring.
New invaders and field bosses now lurk within the region, prowling the jungle in preparation for conquest.
What was that rattling noise?

Some other requested fixes!
Spirit Weapons should now be dyeable.
Stack size increased to 20 for Ice and can now be purchased in quantities.

Plant Invasion Event!
Help us keep the surroundings of Dunbarton and Gairech clean, please!
Visit the small Cube that has appeared in the center of town to deposit their energy herbs.
This event will end Monday, July 16. It was extended due to the technical difficulties and postponements we experienced.

As before during the A1 Update, bear with us in the event of bugs or balance challenges, GMs are standing by to address these as soon as we can.

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event Summer Dyes Hot Time Event 2018
Posted on 06-25-18, 05:33 pm by Flipend0

Hello, Milletians!

The summer is coming up, Shyla is already distributing her Summer Gachapon, and we're going to plan some summer-related events soon!
For this one, We're going to start distributing summer-color related dyes to all players who are logged into MabiPro. All you have to do is stay logged in during these upcoming weekends.

All you have to do is be online at the following times:

  • Friday, June 29 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Saturday, June 30 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Sunday, July 1 5PM EST & 10PM EST

Don't miss out and enjoy your summer vacation, More stuff is planned to be out soon!

-MabiPro Staff

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??? The Dreamer is Stirring
Posted on 06-18-18, 05:39 am by Jade


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event Shooting Star Fragments Event (6/13 ~ 6/22)
Posted on 06-13-18, 07:00 am by Flipend0

Around this rare time of the year, a beautiful sight occurs in various lakes and ports around Erinn every night. Stars, many stars, falling down to our world as sparking meteors. This type of sightseeing is rare to come by, and that makes the falling fragments a collectable item for Milletians everywhere. But, in order to have a more valuable experience, one must be able to uncover the surface of the fragment to reveal a star candy, which can be achieved with delicate hands. Don't miss out on this rare and amazing sight...

The Shooting Star Fragments event will usually take place on Port Qilla Beach, Port Ceann, and Calida Lake, Starting around 6PM to 6AM in game time. Belita, Alexina, or Shenon sells collectable books for the star candies. Collect all of them to win a reward for your participation of the event.

Event Details:
* The Shooting Star Event will start in 6/13 and end in 6/22 .
* Collect the fragments that's falling down to the ground in Qilla Beach, Ceann, or Calida, at 6PM to 6AM in-game time.
* Uncover the fragments to find Star Candies.
* Gather the different Star Candies into the collection book from Belita, Alexina, or Shenon, Collect all 12 of them to receive a reward.

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event Iria Treasure Hunting Event (4/27/2018 ~ 5/5/2018)
Posted on 04-27-18, 06:41 am by Flipend0

Stop by Qilla Base Camp, talk to Alexina to open her shop, and grab yourself an L-rod.
Head out to Rano or Connous and start exploring for hidden chests.

As you approach hidden treasure chests, your L-rod will emit a pulsing light as well as up to 4 beeps. When you hear 4 beeps, use your L-Rod Exploration Action to uncover the hidden chest.

Be careful! Sometimes you will uncover a treasure chest with monsters guarding it. Defeat the monsters for a key to open the chest.

Happy Exploring!

Event Details:
  • This event will run from 4/27/2018 ~ 5/5/2018
  • To Participate, go to Rano or Connous with a L-Rod. Alexina sells them at her shop.

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