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News & Announcements

event Lorna's Endless Melee Event (5/7~5/24)
Posted on 05-07-20, 01:16 pm by Flipend0

Special thanks to Kimmy from MapleLegends for Promoting the MabiPro server on her latest MapleLegends patch notes

Uh Oh...Something has gone terribly wrong in the soul steam...

Well milletian, it seems that the soul steam has been attacked. Who knows what or why? Nao is temporarily away and Lorna needs your help.
Will you fight the monsters out for her?

Event Details:
  • This event will run for 5/7 to 5/24
  • Find Lorna in Dunbarton. She will state the situation and ask you to aid her.
  • You need a total of exactly 4 people in a party, the players in the party must be 20 meters next to Lorna and the party leader cannot have a shadow mission on their quest inventory.
  • Upon meeting the requirements, you will RP as one of four Lorna's, Each Lorna has their own skillset: Melee, Ranger, Alchemy, and Mage. You can pick a role by having a small gem of the same color on your inventory.
  • Fight off the monsters, each kill will reward you one star.
  • The run ends when all Lornas becomes unconscious. You will be given Lorna Coins for your participation in the event. Lorna Coins are distributed by the following formula : Total Number of Stars Earned divided by 5.
  • Talk to Lorna with the Lorna Coins to exchange with items .

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content release Tara Jousting Renewal
Posted on 05-03-20, 06:51 pm by Flipend0

Content Created by a Content Creator (Yume)

Now proudly sponsored by none other than Tara's very own Royal Alchemists! Don't forget enjoy the sweet, savory taste of Tara Honey while you're here!
With the help of the leading provisioner of Tara's military and lover of Lileas' Honey Drinks, may Maeve be at your service! She will gladly assist with any exchanges, straight from Tara's armory straight into your hands!

  • Tara's Royal Weaponsmith makes her debut, now fit with a fully animated portrait.
  • All jousting items have been given a new color scheme and description to match a new theme.
  • Lileas' general and jousting related dialogue have been translated (No translations for quest-based dialogue).

Thanks to our wonderful new sponsors, these tournaments are better than ever! Prove yourself against Tara's finest!
  • Jousting preliminary and finals tournaments now occur at 4pm EST on their respective days of the week.
  • Announcements for all tournament events now properly take place before and after applications are accepted.
  • Preliminaries now accept applications 30 minutes prior to matches.
  • Tickets used to enter finals tournaments are now earned by participating 3 times in any tournament matches, regardless of wins or losses.
  • Finals tournaments now only require 4 people to participate in order to begin.
  • Damage dealt while jousting has been adjusted to lengthen match times.

With all these new custome--I mean, spectators, the bets are going wild! Give them a good show and I'll make it worth your while! Maybe I can commission the military for more honey...!
  • Points earned from jousting have been rebalanced:
  • Preliminaries: 5 points per win or loss
  • Finals: 10 points per win or loss, 25 points for 2nd place, 50 points for 1st place
  • Lileas' shop has been given a new set of jousting-exclusive weapons and items, including tickets that can be turned in to redeem new pre-enchanted, pre-upgraded, or limited access equipment.
  • As per this change, all prior jousting-exclusive weapons and ammos that were previously available in Lileas' shop have been removed but may return occasionally.
  • As a forewarning, please note that all jousting-specific items available in this shop are not tradeable or bank transferable (excluding Belmont Wear).

And if you buy the Deluxe Honey Set now, I just might give you something *really* special!
  • To redeem a jousting ticket bought from Lileas' shop, speak to Maeve and select "Tickets" to start the exchange.
  • If a ticket for an item not usable by your current race or gender is redeemed, the full cost will be immediately refunded.
  • A large number of new pre-enchanted items have been added to Lileas' shop alongside similar existing items, now found in their own tab.
  • Several new jousting variant weapons with unique altered properties can be found in Lileas' shop.
  • 2 new exclusive enchants are available via tickets: Combatant and Tormented
  • Combatant: Pre-enchanted on the Knight Wing Armor set.
  • Tormented: Pre-enchanted on the Sturdy Ox Armor sets, regardless of gender.
  • Several new ammo types for ranged weapons can be uniquely found in Lileas' shop.
  • 2 new arrow types have been added
  • 2 new bolt types have been added
  • 1 new javelin type has been added
  • Certain jousting tickets can be exchanged for unique pre-upgraded equipment, all upgrades applied immediately upon exchange
  • Wands will come pre-upgraded with chain casting and mana cost reduction effects
  • Shields will come pre-upgraded with ranged and magic deflection effects

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maintenance Game Server Maintenance 5/3
Posted on 05-03-20, 06:19 pm by Flipend0

Update: The maintenance has been completed at 10:19PM 05/03/20 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Please update your client.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
02:30PM 05/03/20 to 04:00PM 05/03/20 (EST)
    Jousting System
  • Jousting preliminaries and finals times now occur at 4pm (EST)
  • Tara's Guard Merchant has been renamed to Maeve and given a fully animated portrait
  • Lileas' general dialogue and jousting dialogue have been translated
  • All jousting items have been given a new color scheme and description to match a particular theme
  • Points earned from jousting have been rebalanced
  • Several new pre-enchanted items have been added to the available rewards and can be found in their own tab
  • Damage dealt while jousting has been adjusted for longer matches
  • Bugs Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where wearing Eagle Shield as a giant crashes the entire game.
  • Fixed a bug where using Restoration on a null weapon can crash the skill thread for Bexon components
  • Translations
  • Translations for G1 Storyline NPC has been added thanks to Ikura
  • Translations for Lileas NPC has been added thanks to Domirade
  • Extra
  • Discord RPC Status has been added to the game

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff

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event Iria Exploration Chest Event (4/5~4/19)
Posted on 04-05-20, 01:49 am by Flipend0

Stop by Qilla Base Camp, talk to Alexina to open her shop, and grab yourself an L-rod.
Head out to Rano or Connous and start exploring for hidden chests.

As you approach hidden treasure chests, your L-rod will emit a pulsing light as well as up to 4 beeps. When you hear 4 beeps, use your L-Rod Exploration Action to uncover the hidden chest.

Be careful! Sometimes you will uncover a treasure chest with monsters guarding it. Defeat the monsters for a key to open the chest.

Happy Exploring!

Event Details:
  • This event will run from 4/5/2020 ~ 4/19/2020
  • To Participate, go to Rano or Connous with a L-Rod. Alexina sells them at her shop.

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event Dragon Boat Racing Event (3/20~3/29)
Posted on 03-20-20, 03:40 am by Flipend0

Hello Milletians!

From 3/20 Until 3/29 the Dragon Boat Racing Event will be taking place.

Head on over to La Terra Highlands, grab an oar, and race against the clock to earn fabulous prizes!

Don't forget, hobgoblins will attack you from all angles and try to hop on your boat to spoil your fun. Take them out quickly!

Event Information:
- Event starts at La Terra Highlands Rafting Dock
- Speak to the NPC to receive a dragon boat.
- Up to 8 players can ride on the boat
- Receive a prize for completing the race in under 8 minutes.

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