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game event Alissa's Pillow Sleepover Fight event (9/1~9/9)
Posted on 09-01-17, 09:24 am by Flipend0

Alissa and her friends are having a slumber party, and she's inviting you to join the fun.
Will you come to her sleepover?

Event Details

  • Event will last from 9/1 to 9/9
  • Talk to Alissa in Tir Chonaill during the event in a party of 3+, between 8 and 10 PM.
  • When you talk to her in the correct time frame, you'll be invited to Alissa's Sleepover Event.
  • You must use the provided Play Pillows to win.
  • If you successfully complete the mission within 5 minutes, you will gain 5 White Feathers.
  • Additional Feathers will also be found while fighting. These may be turned in to Alissa for rewards!

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game event Waterballoon Battle (8/18/~8/25)
Posted on 08-18-17, 08:14 am by Flipend0

Will you join Lorna's Red Team or Pan's Blue Team?

Lorna and Pan just can't decide who's better water balloon fighter. They have a conflicting history with each other, and they're going all out on this fun summer event.
However, they can't just do it all by themselves! Where is the fun with that? This is why they're asking you, the Milletians, to join in and show who's the most dominating side. Will it be Lorna's Red Team or Pan's Blue Team?
Only you can decide the outcome!

Event Details:
  • Event will run from 8/18~8/25.
  • The event takes place in Sliab Cuilin and runs once every real-time hour. Each game lasts until either 20 minutes have passed or if one of the teams has earned 120 points.
  • If a team receives 10 points, the team will obtain a title. If a team receives 90 points, the team will obtain a prize. This does not apply to personal points
  • At least 4 players are needed to participate, with a maximum of 20 players for each team.
  • Lorna or Pan will be able to explain how the event will work.
  • There is a Transportation Agent located in Dunbarton. He will be able to Fast Travel you to Sliab Cuilin (5000 Gold Fee)

-MabiPro Staff

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new feature Two-Factor Authentication is now available!
Posted on 08-14-17, 07:09 pm by Drahan

Here at MabiPro, we greatly value security and we know our users do too!

This is why we developed a secure Two-Factor authentication system that allows you to ensure that your account is used by you, and only you.

Ingame Two-Factor authentication prompt
The Two-Factor authentication system can be used by every account, but please note that it is optional. You are not forced to use Two-Factor authentication.
We highly encourage you to use it if you are a figure of high interest, or if you just value the utmost security for your account.

What is Two-Factor authentication?

Two-Factor authentication is an added layer of security for your account. Instead of just requiring a single password, the Two-Factor authentication system requires a unique time-based security code generated by a device that you possess as well as your password.
This means in order to login to your account, you'll need your password as well as the 2FA device of your choice. This affects your forum account and your in-game account - both will require your 2FA device to sign in to.

This greatly increases your account security, as it makes it impossible to steal your account without stealing your 2FA device.

How do we use Two-Factor authentication?

Since it isn't obvious on exactly how to enable Two-Factor authentication, you can follow this conveniently written tutorial below!

We hope you enjoy this new security feature as much as we do!

-MabiPro Team

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game update New Shadow Mission : Cleanse the Graveyard
Posted on 07-21-17, 07:05 am by Flipend0

Attention, all Milletians!
Taillteann has come under attack by the fiendish undead!

Cleanse the Graveyard

Rising from their graves to wreak havoc on the citizens of the town in the midst of the ongoing shadow realm warfare,
these undead take no prisoners and must be stopped immediately.
The Shadow Wizards' dangerous new necromancer allies pose a threat to all of Uladh if they can't be contained...
Andras requests emergency backup right away to push back this new menace.

- This mission is intended for 2-5 players.
- It can be entered alone, but is not recommended as there are high amounts of multi-aggro enemies.
- The Shadow Necromancer can't be defeated until certain conditions are met within the mission.
- Beware the Great Veiled...

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game content Hairstyles Batch #2 release
Posted on 07-14-17, 07:42 am by Flipend0

Here is a list of hairstyles that will be released for this patch:

  • Dandy Layered Cut
  • 1
  • Kagamine Len Hair
  • Kaito Hair
  • Volumious Cut
  • Huge Shaggy Hair
  • Kirito Hair
  • Hatsune Miku Hair
  • Kagamine Rin Hair
  • Cute Glenis Hair
  • Graceful Disco Hair
  • Natural Side-Braided Hair
  • 2NE1 Dara
  • Asuna Hair
  • Frankenstein Hair
  • Millia Hair
  • Dowra hair
  • Cessair Heart Hair

-MabiPro Staff

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