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News & Announcements

event Jump to the Moon event (4/28~5/14)
Posted on 04-28-17, 07:28 am by Flipend0

Have you ever looked up to the moon and always wonder what it's like to be on the moon?
Well, now every Milletian has a chance to experience that!

The General Shops has a new limited time product: the Seesaw Construction Kit.
Set it up outside and jump on the seesaw with you and a friend of yours
If you manage to reach up to 15m, you'll be able to jump so high you'll land on the moon!

Event Details:

  • Once you log in, you'll receive a quest. Talk to Duncan as he'll give you the event details. Head on to any General Shop to purchase a Seesaw Construction kit. Set it up outside with you and a friend of yours and reach up to 15m to land onto the moon. Talk to the Girl on the Moon NPC to complete the quest, giving you a Cow Robe and a title "who has jumped to the Moon" (DEX+5, Stamina+15)
  • This event will go on until the 14th of May

Don't fall on the moon.
-MabiPro Staff

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event Easter Events (4/8/2017 ~ 4/20/2017)
Posted on 04-08-17, 07:39 am by Flipend0

It's time for easter, and to celebrate the Easter Holiday we're starting these Easter events.

Easter Event #1: Easter Egg Hen Hatching
  • Step 1: Go to any field that has hens.
  • Step 2: Empty your hands, and attempt to gather from the hens.
  • Step 3: You will get a Fossil. Activate it and remove the sand out. Try not to touch the egg, be precise!
  • Step 4: After successfully recovering the fossil, you'll receive a prize!

Easter Event #2: Ciar Event Dungeon
  • Step 1: Reach level 25, and talk to Duncan.
  • Step 2: He will give you a pass for Ciar, you should enter the dungeon with 2 players.
  • Step 3: You, the leader will have an egg. During the entire duration of the dungeon you must make sure the egg does not crack open.
  • Step 4: If you complete the dungeon without breaking the egg, you will be rewarded with a title "who has carried an egg to safety" [WILL +7, STR -3, LUK +2]


*This event will run from 4/8/2017 ~ 4/20/2017
*After you have completed the Event Dungeon with the egg brought to safety, you will be unable to get another pass. You can still join another person's event dungeon though!
* You must be Level 25 to receive the pass, and your party members must be Level 25 to enter the event dungeon. If your party members are not level 25 the dungeon becomes Ciar Normal instead.
Happy Easter from the Mabi.Pro staff

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event Spring Dyes Hot Time Event
Posted on 03-31-17, 09:53 am by Flipend0

Hello Milletians everywhere!
Are you enjoying your Spring Break yet?

Over the weekends in the next two weeks, we are having a hot time event for Spring color related dyes.

It's easy to participate!
All you have to do is be online at the following times:

    Week 1:
  • Friday, March 31 9pm EST
  • Saturday, April 1st 2pm EST & 8pm EST
  • Sunday, April 2nd 2pm EST & 9pm EST
  • -- Due to some unforeseen server issues the 2nd hot time event will take place tonight @ 10pm EST --

    Week 2:
  • Friday, April 7th 9pm EST
  • Saturday, April 8th 2pm EST & 8pm EST
  • Sunday, April 9th 2pm EST & 9pm EST
Don't miss out!

-MabiPro Staff

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news Assist us in Translation and get rewarded.
Posted on 03-23-17, 07:39 pm by Flipend0

Hello Milletians, Game Admin Flipend0 is here.

Firstly. I would like to thank all of you for sticking around. We're very glad that everyone has been enjoying the game, it really means a lot to us!

One of the biggest problems in game right now is the enormous amount of translations we still need done. We realize that this causes a headache for our playerbase and we want to fix it. However, the translation files for this game are massive and as a result requires a lot of time and effort. Most of the people on our team are developers not linguists, and we only have one person translating for us at this moment. thank you courtneyy

Now that we have a steady community, we'd like to ask our players to find out if anyone could assist us in translating. Translation requires a lot of work, so we have a plan to reward people who help out with Red Fomor Coins or possibly other items.

At this moment we are still developing a system for our upcoming translators, if you are interested in doing some volunteer Translation work please send a ticket to us and let us know about your skills. We're mainly looking for those who are fluent in Japanese or Chinese, and could translate to English.

This system has been completed.
If you want to participate please send us a ticket with information about yourself and we'll give you a test!

Thank you,
MabiPro Staff

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game event Iria Treasure Hunting 3/15~ 3/26
Posted on 03-15-17, 09:17 am by Flipend0

Stop by Qilla Base Camp, talk to Alexina to open her shop, and grab yourself an L-rod.
Head out to Rano or Connous and start exploring for hidden chests.

As you approach hidden treasure chests, your L-rod will emit a pulsing light as well as up to 4 beeps. When you hear 4 beeps, use your L-Rod Exploration Action to uncover the hidden chest.

Be careful! Sometimes you will uncover a treasure chest with monsters guarding it. Defeat the monsters for a key to open the chest.

This event will run from 3/15 to 3/26

Happy Exploring!

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