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News & Announcements

game event Spring is in the air!
Posted on 03-12-17, 08:44 am by courtney

Shyla wants to bring springtime to us early this year.
Next time you find yourself near Shyla stop in and say hello.

You will notice she has a Spring Gachapon that you can purchase, for a limited time.
It will cost you 50 Red Fomor Coins for 2.

It's well worth it, there's lots of goodies in it!

Good luck! & make sure to share with your friends what you get!

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game update Introducing new Gestures!
Posted on 03-12-17, 08:25 am by courtney

We've all had those times, when we needed that perfect gesture to show someone how we felt.
Well here at mabiPro we're extremely excited to announce the introduction of some new custom gestures into the game!
Just look for them in your Action Panel, under gestures.

Gestures Added:
Well What Is It?
Show Off
Stroke Beard
Far-Off Love
Camera Time
Special Dance
Respectful Bow
Insect Collector

Take advantage of these gestures and use them at any chance you get

Big thanks to Noonehere for making the gesture update possible!

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news launcher Launcher update released!
Posted on 03-09-17, 03:50 am by Drahan

Hello Milletians!

I am glad to announce that Primary MabiPro Launcher version 1.1 has been released.

Updating to version 1.1 is required to launch the game properly now, due to changes in how our backend launch system works.
This update has also broken our alternative launcher, but we will update that in the short future.

You can find the latest launcher on our downloads page by clicking here.

To update, just extract and overwrite the new files in your MabiPro installation directory.

* Changed backend version retrieval system

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news Sabina gives away the Soluna Blade event!
Posted on 03-03-17, 11:37 pm by Arisa

If you haven't noticed, we have a new NPC standing around Tir Chonaill: Sabina! She has Soluna Blades, a great treasure from another realm, and she's sharing them with everyone! All you have to do to get your Soluna Blade is talk to Sabina, and it's all yours:

She will be handing these out until March 12, so get yours by then. Keep in mind that you can only have one Soluna Blade per character.

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news Party Quest Dungeon Update
Posted on 03-02-17, 09:44 am by Flipend0

Hey Everyone
Game Admin Operator Flipend0 here.

I have added an additional reward which can be randomly obtained in /any/ dungeon chest.
This additional reward is a "Red Envelope".

The 'Red Envelope' may contain party quests purchasable from NPC shops, or some of the quests have been custom made such as clearing Fiodh dungeon or killing 10 Shadow Lancers. There is a possibility that more quest types will be implemented in the future, specifically quests that involve Iria.

In order to open this letter you need to be inside a dungeon, and have at least 2 players in your party.
When you open the letter, you will receive a party quest added to your quest tabs.

In order to use the quest you must equip it from your party GUI.

If you have any suggestions about this. Please let us know here.

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