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News & Announcements

news Say Hello to Shyla!
Posted on 02-13-17, 05:08 pm by courtney

So, you're probably wondering who is this Shyla NPC that has suddenly appeared?
Well in this thread I'll explain what purpose she serves.

Shyla's Shop:
Upon opening her shop you will see 3 Tabs: Misc, Premium Items, and Remote Coupons.
She sells everything from Arrows to Bugles!
Feel free to take a look next time you see Shyla (If you're having trouble locating Shyla check out the images below showing her locations).
Be sure to save up your gold, most of these items will benefit you at some point in your adventures.

Shyla's Red Coin Shop:
Upon clicking the Red Coin Shop option you will have a few selection options: Dyes, Pets, Gachapon.
Dyes cost 20 Red Coins.
Pets vary in price, as you can see from this image:

Gachapons cost 100 coins and you will receive 3.

How do you obtain Red Coins you may ask?
Very simple, there is a chance to obtain one from any monster within the game. Make sure you save them up!

Shyla's Locations:
Tir Chonaill:



Emain Macha:



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news Introducing Custom Shadow Mission "Protect the Beacons"
Posted on 02-13-17, 09:09 am by Flipend0

Good Evening Milletians.
Operator Flipend0 Reporting in.

I would like to introduce you a new custom coded Shadow Mission called "Protect the Beacons".

Located in Taileteaan, You will notice that there is a brand new custom shadow mission called Protect the Beacons. It's party limit of 2~6 players.

Your objective is to eliminate the shadow invaders taking over the Beacons in Taileteaan.

After eliminating them, you must head over to the next Beacon. There are 3 of them
The difficulty rises as each Beacon you protect.
Make haste before the beacons becomes dominate by the shadow invaders.

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news launcher New Client Launcher & Patcher
Posted on 02-12-17, 12:24 pm by Drahan

Great news everybody! We've finally finished creating our own launcher and patcher for MabiPro.

This is required to update your client from older versions to newer versions, else you won't be able to join the game.

Please look for Primary Launcher on the Downloads page.

If for some reason the patcher does not seem to work, you can try to manually patch your client by following my tutorial.


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news Mabinogi Professional officially released!
Posted on 02-08-17, 01:03 am by Drahan

Great news everybody! MabiPro is now officially released!

Please take the time to register an account, download the client, and hop in the game to check out our server.
The forums are public now, so do feel free to check them out and post if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments in general.

Registering on the forums will also register you an account for the server, so all you need to get started is to download the client which you can find at the Downloads page, and use your forum credentials to sign in.

We hope to see you all soon!


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