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News & Announcements

info Information about the recent unexpected server maintenances
Posted on 03-02-17, 01:51 am by Drahan

This post is to address the recent unexpected server maintenances that have occurred over the past few days and to explain what has been happening.

I try to stay as transparent as possible with our community and I feel that you have the right to know why these maintenances have occurred and why your player experience has been affected by these issues without us specifying a decent reason before.

Here is a list of the specific maintenance events that this is to address:

These events were all to address the same critical issue - our database server has been going offline unexpectedly.

This results in players being unable to join the game, player data of currently online players to stop saving, pets being unable to summon, messenger to stop working, etc etc. Essentially, everything stops working.
The game being unable to access the database causes it to stay frozen in that state until a full server restart brings it to the state it was in when the database crashed.

This has resulted in server rollbacks up to periods of 1 hour on several occasions now, and I apologize greatly for being unable to properly handle these issues and address them as server owner and administrator.

We as a team try our best to keep the player experience as best as it possibly can, and I feel that as a server administrator I have failed my primary purpose so again I apologize for the inconvenience that these events have caused.

Technical details:

We will try our best to make sure that these issues never happen again.

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event Dragon Boat Racing (2/25/2017~3/4/2017)
Posted on 02-23-17, 10:55 pm by Flipend0

Hello Everyone
Operator Flipend0 reporting in!

From 2/25 12:00AM EST Until 3/4 12:00am EST the Dragon Boat Racing Event will be taking place.

Head on over to La Terra Highlands, grab an oar, and race against the clock to earn fabulous prizes!

Don't forget, hobgoblins will attack you from all angles and try to hop on your boat to spoil your fun. Take them out quickly!

Event Information:
- Event starts at La Terra Highlands Rafting Dock
- Speak to the NPC to receive a dragon boat.
- Up to 8 players can ride on the boat
- Receive a prize for completing the race in under 8 minutes.

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info Community Spotlight
Posted on 02-22-17, 01:22 am by courtney

I wanted to dedicate a post to say thank you to our player base for all your support.
We love having all of you here!
And... I don't know about everyone else, but I love fan art!
So I wanted to take some time to feature one of our lovely players and her art!
Take a look at Chi's picture of mabi.pro's very own (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Flipend0!~

It's so cuteeeeeee. Thank you Chi for sharing this with us! We really enjoyed your art.

And to all our players,
Keep doing awesome things for our server, and maybe, you'll get a place in a community spotlight post too!

*.~ <3

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news Conclusion of Valentine's Day Event
Posted on 02-15-17, 02:31 am by courtney

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
I am happy to report this event went very well and has concluded. x)

We all appreciate your support and hope to continue more events in the future for you to enjoy!

~.* <3

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news Valentine's Hot Time Event!
Posted on 02-13-17, 09:57 pm by courtney

Valentine's Day is the holiday of Loooveee~

I would like to give you a little of my own love in the form of a Hot Time Event. =D

This Hot Time Event will be held Tomorrow 02/14/17 (Feb 14th).
I will be giving away gifts at these designated times:

12pm PST/3pm EST
3pm PST/6pm EST
6pm PST/9pm EST

Just make sure that you are logged in BEFORE the times listed above to receive your prize.

Spreading lots of love and hearts and chocolate.
*.~ <3

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