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game event Where in the world is Arisa?
Posted on 07-14-17, 07:20 am by Flipend0



Oh no, It looks like our lovely GM Arisa has gone missing! Where can she be? She could be all over Uladh for all we know !
Milletians, we need to find Arisa. Look around in Uladh and if you notice her please approach to her. She might even give you something

Everyone at the MabiPro team is worried about her, if she does not return soon who will be the one to make charts of our datas and monitor the database? Please locate her, I know you can do it !

Event Details:
* Locate (NPC) Arisa anywhere in the Uladh continent. When found talk to her to receive a prize. Arisa will change locations after you've received an item from her.
*If (NPC) Arisa has not been located within 30 minutes, she will change locations.
*This event will run on 7/14 and end in 7/21

-MabiPro Staff-

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hot time Summer Hot Time Dyes
Posted on 07-05-17, 09:44 pm by Flipend0

Hello, Milletians everywhere!
Are you enjoying your Summer Break yet?

Over this weekend, we are having a hot time event for summer color related dyes.

It's easy to participate!
All you have to do is be online at the following times:

  • Friday, July 7 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Saturday, July 8 5PM EST & 10PM EST
  • Sunday, July 9 5PM EST & 10PM EST

Don't miss out!

-MabiPro Staff

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event Break the Watermelons Event! (6/23~7/5)
Posted on 06-23-17, 07:20 am by Flipend0

What better a way to start the summer than eating some fresh delicious watermelons?

Gather around, as a horde of watermelons started to appear on Port Qilla, Connous Beach, and Nekojima!
Watermelons are not easy to break, so you will need a blunt weapon, like a Warhammer or a Mace to break down a watermelon.
Once you've broken it apart, you'll gain an item as a reward!
But be careful, some watermelons are possessed and will summon a monster instead!

This event will run from 6/23/2017 to 7/5/2017.

-MabiPro Staff

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community spotlight MabiPro Community Spotlight - June 2017
Posted on 06-16-17, 02:30 am by Drahan

MabiPro Community Spotlight - June 2017

Welcome to our Community Spotlight, where we engage with our wonderful community, discuss the game's status, and discuss upcoming content for MabiPro!

MabiPro has not had a Community Spotlight for 4 months. For this reason, we've decided to make a new spotlight monthly starting with June 2017.

Fan Art

Our community is filled with great artists, so we wanted to show off some of the art that they have created!

Brace for Impact by curry

After a fearful introduction to Metus, where the Arch Lich lies, the artist prepares their Fireball to attack the raging mobs for massive damage, while their partner hides from the uprising insanity.
The environment, while dark, shows a really powerful image describing what you will experience as you step onto Metus. The artist did a really excellent job at capturing the environment in this artwork. Keep it up!

Coffee Bean Shop by chinastu

This cute artwork, created by Chi, shows herself working in a coffee shop. Don't let her charming eyes sway your purchasing decisions!

All fanart was done and found from the unofficial Community Discord Server, hosted by Sonata. Please keep in mind that you can also post your artwork in the forums as well!
We're aware there is a LOT more art than we've featured here, so don't feel left out if yours didn't make it on this post!


Today brings up the perfect opportunity to interview to the our community and for this month, we're going to ask what they like about MabiPro, some suggestions for the server, and advices for new upcoming people who want to try out MabiPro.

So the first question we're going to ask in our interview is the following:
Q: What do you like about MabiPro? What motivates you to stay around in this server?

Posted by Waffo
I've always enjoyed Mabinogi. I've been with the game since Generation 2 and never let go of it.
However, I never was fond of the direction the game went in. The insatiable powercreep, although unavoidable for a game built like this, was never fun to be a part of; especially when the vast majority of the items that helped you become strong were locked behind a pay and time wall.
Speaking of that, far too much of the games enjoyable items are locked behind random chance. Also the art and design for the game took a odd turn. Too many modern day items stood out like sore thumbs in the game otherwise nice original art style.
On top of that, the combat reworks and rebalancing completly changed how the game needed to be played. So naturaly when I heard of a private server for Mabinogi that focused on the gameplay that I knew best sprang up, I had to check it out.
I came for the gameplay, but stayed for the new community. Playing this game has been a solo experience for me ever since the vast majority of my older friends left this game and seemingly cut communications with each other.
Being able to fight with friends or meet new faces in Dunberton has brought a lot of new oppurtunities for enjoyment in this game for me. Also, because now that I'm also helping importing items into the game, I get to learn more about the backend systerms of the game that I love. I don't see myself going anywhere for a very long time.

Posted by Selzyr
What do I like about MabiPro...that's a hard one right from the start huh?
Appart from the community and the devs being awesome, I would say the old feel of Mabinogi without having the "p2w" aspects of the official servers,
adding to that, what been motivating me to be extremely active is the fact that the devs care and keep the server updated and meaningfull, the guild helps a lot too, some old members joined the server and we reformed the guild
and all the new members are amazing.

Posted by despair
The thing I like most about this server is the fact that there's even an active player community to begin with. I'm usually afk on the official network for lack of interaction mostly. I've made a few friends here, and if not for that, I probably would stay mostly behind-the-scenes.

Excellent responses!
Here is our next question:
Q: Do you have any meaningful suggestions for this server? What do you like to see to be improved later on?

Posted by Waffo
Because of the limitations of what we can actually do with this state of the game, I dont really have much to say here.
Perhaps, if possible, expand the dev team that can work on decompiling and reverse engiering the game so we can get even more things fixed or added.
But I realise that is a exceedingly large undertaking, and that they are probbaly already working on it. I would just work on keep adding small bits of content like new items, shadow missions, dungeons, and skills if possible.

Posted by Selzyr
Meaningfull suggestions, this is a hard one too, the devs been working quite hard to keep the server relevant. But, overall, crafting, I'd say that crafting needs a bit of love that Nexon/DevCat never had any true plans to give.
I would say give a bit more meaning to carpentry and more sets to all skillsets.On this note, there's more cool looking gear avaible at this moment on the Official server, importing some of that said gear with status effects like the Thames/Birnam/Cressida/Hebona etc set's and implementing these crafting wise would make crafting more enjoyable overall I'd say.
And to top it up, keep the new Shadow Missions comming? I didn't do many runs on the new one sadly enough been focusing on the crafting, but from what I can tell, people enjoyed something new and fresh! heck better job then Nexon/DevCat

Posted by despair
I'd probably adjust the dungeon drop lists....if anything, the chance at getting a few more mid-to-endgame weapons would be nice, especially seeing as how mostly everyone is mid-level player by now.
As for the future, we'll have to see.

Sounds good so far! I do like those suggestions, we'll definitely look into some of them.
Here's the last question we wanted to ask:
Q: Any quotes or advices to give for new upcoming players?

Posted by Waffo
Dont be shy! Talk to everyone you meet if you can!
Everyone here in this server is here for the same reason: They love this game, and want to experience again with friends.
But, if not for your sake, for the sake of others. People are always in need of help doing something and some people ive noticed had trouble coming up to others to talk to ask for help. So be social, and friendly!
Oh, and dont advertise this server while on the live server.

Posted by Selzyr
Rank Windmill and Refining to 1 first! HAH! *cough* Now seriously, welcome to the server first and foremost I'd say make friends and enjoy the game for what it is on this version, put your own objectives, interact with the community and devs, can't say enough how I do enjoy the community here!

Posted by despair
We've got a guide to 2010 Mabinogi on the website (thanks Ausar, you can find his guide here), and search Mabinogi World Wiki from Jan 2010-Sep 2011 just by simply clicking on the View History tab. Be nice to others. Start off with a human, since character cards are still not possible. Above all, have fun.

I would like to thank waffo, Selzyr, and despair for taking the time to answer these questions. If you are interested in engaging for the next interview, we highly recommend you let us know and we'll keep in touch.

Upcoming Content

Next up, we'd like to talk about some upcoming new features for MabiPro.

Summer Gachapon

This summer we're stepping up our game for creations. New item imports are being made and the Summer Gachapon is now being released. We're excited to hear feedback to the players for the new Summer Gachapon.
To get the Summer Gachapon, you must go to Shyla and talk to her, it will require 50 Red Fomorian Coins which you can acquire by engaging in combat with monsters.


We're also introducing a new NPC into the game. His name is Bresal and he is indeed a fishermen. You'll be able to trade fish to him in exchange for Exploration Points. We're looking into improving some life skills, and we believe fishing will be our first step. We will be definitely be looking into other improvements, fishing and other life skills included.

Courcle Expansion

We've got some big plans for Courcle.
Unfortunately, we may not see this update for a while, as it's still in the works!
There's not much we can reveal yet, but stay tuned! We're very excited for these updates.


This will conclude our MabiPro Community Spotlight for June 2017.
Please leave us feedback, so we can improve!
We thank you for reading, and we thank you for spending your time on MabiPro!

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event Tara Festival Event (6/2~6/12)
Posted on 06-02-17, 06:34 am by Flipend0

Tara Festival Event

Dear Milletians,

We are going to host a grand festival in Tara. There will be many people from far and wide, and there will be games, food, and booze!
It's going to be a lot of fun, so come on down. I've prepared a Red Wing of a Goddess to bring you here, so there's no excuses to not come!


Tara is having a festival event, and we want you to come down here and have some fun.
After all, even diligent and sturdy Milletians sometimes need a break to enjoy the joyful events in life.
This is a great opportunity to meet the community and enjoy the games that are being hosted.

Event details:
Darts Game:
A party of only 4 players is required to play the Darts game.
Aim for the highest points to win a prize, watch out for the wind distance and aim carefully.

Hammer Game:
A party of 4 to 8 players is required to play the Hammer game.
Aim for the highest gauge, If you reach the highest score you'll win a prize.

We hope you enjoy the festival.
-MabiPro Staff

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